Fedponek Student Abandons FUTO girl friend in a Fast food


One of the Student mugu’s decided to get very wise on Monday the 19th of March 2012 as he got the better of his girl friend’s antics with her co – girl friends who have been extorting money are hipping a lot of bills on him each time he takes his babe out for a treat.

The Drama took place at a fast food (name withheld) inside FUTO were the young man and his friends all from Federal Polytechnic Nekede gathered to enjoy themselves after escorting a FUTO friend of theirs to the defense of his seminar work.

Fuji as he is popularly called gave his girl friend a call inviting her to come and join them in the fun there were having,  But instead of coming alone, the girl (chocolate colored babe) decided to bring her army of chop chop friends (Awufu) meaning free food to the party.

WhenFujisaw the havoc the friend he invited had brought along, he decided to play a fast one on them by refusing to settle the bill of what they had ordered and taken.

The chocolate beauty realizing the danger her escapades with her friends had brought upon them, decided to submit their hand bags and other valuables to enable one of them go get money to free the remaining 5.

I guessFujihad his own feel of the mugu stuff.  What is our school now turning into?