Mayoral Project at Control Post

The mayoral project at the Control Post in Owerri is an eyesore.  One is not surprised that vehicles have begun damaging part of the structures.  This has happened several times probably by long vehicles like trailers as they negotiate the roundabout.

Must all the spaces in the roundabout be occupied by the project?   The contractor ought to realise that the beauty of a monument does not depend on its size but the creativity.  Besides, smaller structures can secure the structures from being damaged intentionally or otherwise.

Maybe the contractor qualified for the job because he is an APGA card carrying member and the government wants to compensate him for his contributions towards the success of the party at the polls.

I don’t think he is a qualified contractor because the cement blocks used for the project are not solid.  Could this be his first job experience?  I think so because there is nothing at the project site to suggest vision or creativity, just a novice to grab money under any guise.

Public projects likely to attract children should be strictly executed to specifications.  This is supposed to be one of the conditions for wining contracts.  The spirit of the Rescue Mission is not being exhibited on that contract.  It is the old mentality of “chop and let chop”.

Please, Rescue Mission, intervene and rewarded the contract to a more competent hand.

Jacob Egbuna

Abo – Mbaise