Gov’s Inlaw Ololo, Sister Ogechi Tear Ow North APC Apart.



The foundation of the All Progressive Congress APC, in Owerri North LGA, Imo State, has been vibrating to the ground, following a fierce battle raging within the party.

According to information available to Trumpeta Newspaper, Governor Rochas Okorocha’s inlaw, Chief Chuks Ololo, who is married to the Imo State Commissioner for Happiness, who also doubles as Okorocha’s sister, Mrs Ogechi Ololo are the forces tearing the party apart.

Trumpeta learnt that the Ololos are bent on controlling the structure of the party in the LGA, therefore are waging war against other Leaders of APC in the LGA, who have spent their fortunes to keep the party together all these while.

However, the Governor’s inlaw is said to have suddenly developed serious interest in Owerri North APC, after rumours had it that his brother inlaw, Gov Rochas Okorocha, may have been toiling with the idea of adding Ololo on the list of those he may consider to succeed him as he vacates office in 2019.

Following this development, Ololo has swiftly swung into action, by trying to take charge of Owerri North APC by all means, in the process side-lining other APC Leaders in the LGA, which is now causing ripples.

This Newspaper learnt that as part of the ambition to be Governor, Ololo has recently started collecting Chieftaincy titles from communities around Imo State, in order to spread his contacts.

Sources told Trumpeta that in a bid to corner the Owerri North APC structure, the Ololos in convinces with the Commissioner for Housing, Bar Tony Umuezuruike gathered a few Leaders from Owerri North LGA and headed to Okorocha’s home at Ogboko to pay him Christmas honour, without involving other Leaders in the LGA.

Trumpeta learnt that the situation came to a crisis point few days ago, as the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Chief Uche Nwosu visited Owerri North for the flag-off of road constructions in the LGA.

Trumpeta learnt that a lot of APC Leaders from Owerri North LGA were absent from the flag-off, either because they were not informed, or as a result of resentment over the Ololo’s plot to hijack the party structure.

Trumpeta learnt that Kola presentation even caused uproar at the flag off.

It was learnt that with the last scenario playing out in Owerri North APC, many APC Leaders in the LGA may soon abandon the party due to Ololo’s high handedness and penchant to control the entire Owerri North APC structure without due process.

However, a source close to the Ololos told this Newspaper that it is no crime if the Governor’s brother inlaw, and sister, Ogechi grabs Owerri North LGA APC, adding that “Okorocha will be more at home with his sister and brother inlaw, controlling Owerri North APC”.

But other Leaders in the LGA insist that it must be resolved amicably, or else they will leave APC for Ololo and the wife, Ogechi, who is rumoured to be eyeing Owerri Federal Constituency seat in 2019, after her husband failed to make hay in 2015 election.