Uproar in Ehime Mbano Over the death of a female student



By Okey Alozie

Tragedy is said to have rocked a high school in Umunumu, Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State over the death of a female student who was alleged to have been beaten to death by a female student from the same school last Thursday during school hours.

Information available to us revealed that student and teachers of the school are now on the run for fear of being arrest by the police.

According to our source the young girl (the victim) whose names are withheld arrived very early to school and decided to stay inside the class room because of her ill-health but one of the male students came around to disturb her by asking her to get up but she refused and ignored the boy. But suddenly the student started to beat her and gave her serious injury which apparently led to her slumping before she gave up the ghost.

When the boy noticed that she had slumped and could not move again, he started to behave like a mad person and those around grabbed him.

When the news spread around the village, students and teachers became afraid and deserted the school premises according to our source.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner for Education primary and secondary Hon Mrs Getrude Ego Oduka has promised to visit all the schools in Imo to give teachers orientation so that they will not run into trouble. She also announced that Education police will start again.