Now That Orluzurumee Has Spoken



The media has been awash recently following the taunted intention of the current Chief of Staff to Governor Rochas Okorocha’s ambition, Chief Uche Nwosu to succeed the governor in 2019 by running for the Governorship.

Fortunately or unfortunately the said ambition appears to be spreading like a hurricane fire following the seeming adoption of this ambition by a cross section of the public.

Though Uche Nwosu as an Imo Indigene, has all the rights and privileges to express interest to run for any office in the land constitutional. Perhaps that is what informed and spurred him to action to seek for this office through his political party, All Progressive Congress APC.

But in doing this, one expects any of the aspirants to any office in the State and elsewhere to do thorough consultations to be able to ascertain the feelings of the masses and the indices on ground.

This, one expects that the likes of Uche Nwosu should have done before publicly aligning himself with this dummy of governorship ambition which may end up polarizing the APC as a party and by extension exposing him to unnecessary bantings.

The reasons why his ambition will or may fail on arrival are many. But suffice it to mention only but two among others. One being that by every standard and all ramifications, the zoning balance and equity does not favour anybody from Orlu zone as it stands today. The reason being that the zone has made sixteen years at the Owerri government house even as Owerri and Okigwe zones has Eighteen months and Six years respectively.

And therefore, for the current Governor of the State Rochas Okorocha who incidentally is his father in-Law to be supporting this ambition as if Imo State is their personal estate speak volume of the sensibility of the Governor and his god son. The simple implication of this charade if it flies is Rochas Okorocha’s third term in office as the Governor of the State.

Prominent individuals from the State and political parties including the membership of his party the APC has frowned at this move at every slight opportunity. Others who has grossly criticized this action is the “Imo Equity Movement”, Imo Leadership Forum”, Igbo Zuo”, Imozurukwuo”, and today Orluzurumee.

Orluzurumee for emphasis is the socio-political group and mouth piece of Orlu zone where incidentally Uche Nwosu hails from. Now that Orluzurumee has unequivocally spoken, will this golden voice of reason be heard and listened to?

Uche Nwosu should not allow sycophants to mislead him into self destruction as a young man. There are still time and opportunity for him to think twice about this ambition and like in the military palance, make a tactical withdrawal in good conscience.

We do not think that continuing with this project is both morally, socially and even cosmically right, wise and justified in any way and manner. Though the choice is his.

However, APC as a party has the final say on this matter and when it speaks through her Governorship primaries, the statement will be clear, loud and sound.