Emeakaraoha Clothes 23 Newly Ordained Priests .Promises Loyalty to Ihitte Uboma Constituents



On the 10th November, 2017 a vibrant young man of Umunohu Amakohia Ihitte-Uboma of the Emeakaraoha Royal Dynasty, Hon. Barrister Kelechi Emeakaroha, single handedly clothed a galaxy of 23 Priests newly ordained for the Catholic Diocese of Okigwe.

Barr. Emeakaraoha (KSM) provided each of them with complete priestly vestments when they were ordained on 30th September 2017 at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception Okigwe. What a land-mark achievement?

The solemn ceremony was witnessed and appreciated by the old and new Priests, Knights and Ladies, Royal Fathers, the Christian Community and other distinguish personalities.

The occasion remains momentous and outstanding because it recoiled and reechoed one decade of uninterrupted free provision of vestments programme for newly ordained Priests in Okigwe Diocese by barrister Kelechi Emeakaraoha, (popularly referred to as Bishop).

Among the lay faithful were family members of the Emeakaraoha dynasty including the father and mother of the notable philanthropist Sir (Mayor) Eugene Emeakaroha and Nneoma (Pillar) Julie C. Emeakaroha (KSM), Barrister (Mrs.) Chidinma nwanaju (Nee Emeakaroha).

In his homily, one of the new priests, Fr. Kennedy Ibe, explained that they came to appreciate the benevolence of the Emeakaroha family to them. He advised Christians to use their earthly wealth to acquire heavenly possessions as practically demonstrated by Barr, K. C. Emeakaroha, whose decision to clothe Priests, he said was wise.

Fr. George Nwankwo, on behalf of the new Priests thanked their benefactor for his large heart and presented a souvenir to him in appreciation.

In his response, Barr. Kelechi Emeakaroha lauded the Priests for persevering through the crucible of seminary formation to priesthood, noting that “you don’t go to God empty-handed, or you will come out the same”.

Barr. K. C. Emeakaroha also presented a brand new tabernacle to St. Anthony’s parish Umuezeala Nzu through Fr. Godwin Okoye (PP).

Now that youths are urging Barrister Kelechi Emeakaroha to come and represent them at the State House of Assembly, the Ihitte Uboma Constituency he should listen to their clarion call. According to them he remains the grand commander of youth empowerment and humanity personified.

Views expressed by Ihitte/uboma youths shows that Barrister Kelechi Emeakaroha is the most credible aspirant to further develop Ihitte/Uboma State Constituency. His pedigree clearly shows that Barrister Kelechi Emeakaroha is the best choice for the seat.

Youths explained that, Barr. K. C. Emeakaroha has ambition not to rule but to create enduring legacies and that they would mobilize other youths to steer support for Barr. Emeakaroha.

Barrister Kelechi Emeakaroha will provide the required dividends of democracy to the people of Ihitte/uboma and create massive employment to the youths of the LGA.

They maintain that Barrister K. C. Emeakaroha has been pleading with his people to go and register and obtain their permanent vote’s cards (P.V.C) which would empower them to choose their candidates at the election proper in 2019. He has empowered too many individuals from his LGA, who will till date enjoy the dividends from this gentleman. But as always, with mortals you cannot satisfy all the people all the time.