Agabige’s Agricultural Bill Passes Into Law



By Onyekachi Eze 

The lawmaker representing Orsu Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly, Hon (Engr) Uche Agabige has recorded another feat, as one of his bills in the floor of the House has finally been passed into law.

The bill “to make agriculture compulsory for public schools in Imo State, and to build model demonstration farms in the schools”, upon reports by the committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources was considered important.

The bill had earlier passed through the second reading sometime in December 2016. It received an overwhelming support of the members.

Imolites themselves are reported to be elated by that bill of utmost importance.

Earlier in his presentation, the Chief Sponsor of the Bill, Hon Agabige convinced his colleagues on the derivable benefits of the bill.

He averred that making agriculture compulsory, starting from junior Secondary to Senior Secondary schools would equip the children on agricultural experiences and make them see reasons on why they should not be sole dependent on ‘white collar jobs’.

More so, the House Committee Chairman on Agriculture, on whose jurisdiction the bill lies, opined that agriculture will bridge the gap on food scarcity, especially at the present economic downturn.

Harnessing the potentials, he posited that both ministries of Education and Agriculture should be saddled with the responsibility of inculcating the practical aspects for a sustainable economy.

Speaking on the model demonstration farms, Uche Agabige enlighten that  it will be specifically for livestock, fruits, vegetables and horticultural practices which is in line with the modern farming best practices.