There is no gain stating the obvious that Chief Dr Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is a natural figure of repute.

This recognition no doubt he earned over the years even before his old age.

Fortunately, he earned it in virtually all aspects of human endeavor. Be it politics, phylantropy and human engineering.

Unfortunately, a close watch of Chief Iwuanyanwu after the death of his revered wife Lady Eudora Iwuanyanwu is indicative of a man who suddenly lost balance of himself.

And that is probably why people seem to forgive him easily when he goofs.

Otherwise, one would have imagined Chief Iwuanyanwu really making the controversial statement on 2019 Imo governorship recently credited to him.

To say the least, how is the mighty fallen?. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the statement in question, but coming out from our esteemed Chief Iwuanyanwu (Aguejiejemba Ndigbo), everything is wrong with it.

Or, is he turning to (Aguejiejemba Ndi Ikeduru)?,God forbid.

No doubt Chief Iwuanyanwu, Mr Paschal Dozie, Chief Sam Obaji and few other prominent Owerri leaders are the people who are being looked upon today to proffer solution and good leadership to their people especially in the realization of the Owerri zone agenda.

But if really Chief Iwuanyanwu ever said “SamDaddy must be Imo Governor in 2019,” that is most unfortunate of him.

How could he say that when many of his sons from Owerri zone in different political parties are in the race? How could he say that when the party primaries are yet to be conducted?, how is the mighy fallen.

Now that the political oracle has started playing when the game is rughby what happens best.

Who will bring the aspirants from the zone and even state together for a truce? Chief you have goofed and should be told that without mincing words.

The worst of it is that you have by extension of your statement tried to create more enemies to the amiable Senator than you thought.

However, we believe still that you did not say that since you have not reacted after the news.And the earliest you own or disown the statement, the better for your revered image and integrity as the political iroko which you earned over the years through hard work and practical,purposeful service and leadership .