Uneasy Calm In Imo APGA, Over Amuchie’s Guber Ticket Claim .Araraume Remains Our Candidate-APGA .As Members Wait For Jan 2 Final date

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Araraume walking


The usual boisterous activities within the All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, Imo State, is gradually slowing down following wild rumours flying in the air as regards occasional stories, that Chief Stanley Amuchie is reckoned the Governorship candidate of the party in Imo.

Twice now, that story has dominated the airwaves in Imo State, and the Social Media, creating a confusion which seems to have put most members of Imo APGA is suspense.

When the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC published names of candidates, the name of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume was there as the APGA Governorship candidate for Imo State.

But days later, the Social Media was on fire that Amuchie’s name has been also published, which could not be confirmed both from the INEC or APGA till date.

As Senator Ifeanyi Araraume intensified his mobilizations and consultations, the Amuchie saga roared up again, as if the issue usually resurrects whenever Araraume campaign Group gears up for action.

This situation has affected the psyche of Imo APGA followers, who are confused of the entire scenario.

Speaking to Trumpeta , a top official in Imo APGA disclosed that even the State Executive of the party is confused, not that it does not know that Araraume is the party’s candidate, but for the fact that it has been difficult to convince many party members that the Senator is Imo APGA Governorship candidate since the rumour started circulating.

He however told Trumpeta that since the Amuchie issue has refused to go away, Imo APGA and its followers are waiting patiently to be finally convinced whenever INEC publishes the final list of candidates on January 2, 2019.

“Araraume is Imo APGA Governorship candidate. But the Amuchie story has refused to go away, thereby causing doubt in the minds of our members. However, Jan 2, 2019 will bury the Amuchie matter finally” he told Trumpeta under anonymity.

A source from Araraume Campaign Team told Trumpeta that APGA has just one Governorship candidate in Imo State, and that person is Senator Ifeanyi Araraume.

“From where did Amuchie emerge as candidate? Our people are gullible which is why any rumour attracts their attention” the source told Trumpeta.

But Amuchie campaign organization told Trumpeta that it is not over, until it is over.

“Wait until Jan 2, 2019 and you will know who is Imo APGA Governorship flag bearer” he told Trumpeta.

Meanwhile, Senator Araraume has intensified his consultations and campaign by visiting Imo citizens in Lagos, where he was tumultuously received with encouragements.


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