Coordinators Accused of Embezzling Imo First Lady’s “Ugbo Nneoma Charity Funds

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BY Okey Alozie

It seems crystal clear that some women are using the Non- Governmental Organization, NGO to perfect their evil deals in the State.

Recently the new pet project introduced by Imo First Lady known as “Ugbo Nneoma” was flagged off and coordinators inaugurated in the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State.

Trumpeta gathered that some of the coordinators have allegedly made away with funds provided to help poor women especially the women in the rural areas.

21 women per electoral booth were also selected from each of the 305 political wards in the State while another 21 women became beneficiaries from each of the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State.

Surprisingly, the chosen women were cheated by the Coordinators who could not present the certificate and the funds given out by the first lady to the beneficiaries.

Investigation report has shown that Ikeduru Local Government is the worst hit in this fraudulent act and the matter has been reported to the office of Imo First Lady, Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha for further action.

It was noticed that some female commissioners took advantage of their positions in the rescue mission government to embezzle the money meant for the poor women. “Ugbo Nneoma as we learnt was initiated by Imo First Lady to better the future of Imo children and their poor mothers who expected to be the greater tomorrow. Ugbo Nneoma is for the continuity of free education and other better life policies and programe of the Okorocha Government.

Aggrieved widows in Imo have called on the First Lady to flush out the corrupt Coordinators of “ Ugbo Nneoma” project.

We further gathered that beneficiaries of “Ugbo Nneoma” gifts cut across party lines and tribe.

The First Lady of Imo State is said to want the future of Imo children to be protected while politicians are thinking of how to rig and win election.





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