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It is crystal clear that the Imo electorates are now politically wiser than before. People with spiritual insights seem to have decided on the kind of Governor Imo state deserves after Okorocha. A man who is inclined to govern in partnership with the church as a conduit to reach the poor and the weak seem to be the thinking of Imo people in the forthcoming elections.  A name not entangled with previous deceit and manipulations against Imo people and their resources in the past is the attraction of youths, women and the down-trodden.  Those names and faces that have dominated the political space of Imo State since 1999 seem to have outlived their welcome in the minds of the people. Recycling of political leaders is no more in vogue. A new A.I.R. is what Imo people need now. An accessible patriot with a record of sincere empowerment and commitment to a Christian life has been identified by Imo people across the political divide in Imo state.  He is Chief Ikechukwu Joseph Ukaegbu (Ikenga) Governorship candidate of Labour Party in Imo state; a political scientist and security consultant deeply rooted in the Roman Catholic Church.  He hails from Inyishi in Ikeduru Local Govt area of Owerri zone in Imo State. With his level of exposure, spirituality, accessibility, goodwill and political sagacity Imo state has a man worthy to inherit governance of Imo state come May 29, 2019. He believes strongly in what God says and not what canal men feel or think and convinced that God Almighty giveth power to whom he chooses. Political power cannot be a cake to settle an individual but an issue determined by capacity and total will of God Almighty.  Chief Ikechukwu Joseph Ukaegbu (Ikenga) enjoys all-known prophecies concerning being the next Governor of Imo State.  Associating him compromising the will of God will be suicidal. Imo people are set to receive and honour their next Governor in the person of Chief Ikechukwu Joseph Ukaegbu. In Genesis chapter 45vs26 the confirmation of Joseph as Governor is clearly written. All hail the Power of Master Jesus.  Let all votes go to LABOUR PARTY.

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