Drama As Ihedioha, Uzodinma Supporter Clash In Tribunal .APC Guber Candidate Drilled Over Result Claims

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By Okey Alozie

The Governorship Tribunal sitting in Owerri Imo State yesterday continued the cross examination on the matter between Senator Hope Uzodinma of APC and Chief Emeka Ihedioha of PDP.

Senator Hope Uzodinma who submitted results from 388 Wards to the Tribunal on Tuesday was asked to enter the witness box and answer questions from Ihedioha’s Lawyers on the evidence he presented before the court. The defendant lawyers grilled Senator Hope Uzodinma over the results he presented. The counsel to INEC and PDP objected admission of the documents and insisted that the results Uzodinma presented were incorrect and should not be accepted. The lawyers maintained that tabulation and figures presented were inconsistent.

Examples were cited in exhibits presented as the document did not carry any cancellation or contested in the INEC papers.

Exhibit B 13 item 148, the number of APC vote according to the lawyer was 600 as against 500 in the result sheet.

The lawyer continued his cross examination by asking the Senator questions on the remitter and other related issues. But the Senator replied that his original results were absolutely correct but that the documents the opposing lawyers were using for their augment were not visible to him because the documents must have been photocopied severally.

The Senator stood for hours during the cross examination that at a time he started getting rattled by the questions posed at him. At this point his lawyer came to his rescue but was told to be more civil while standing before the Honourable Tribunal and not use unpleasant languages. “You are in the Tribunal and not in the Parliament” lawyers told Senator Uzodinma.

Other witnesses were also cross-examined in the matter. The supporters of both parties later clashed outside the court premises when Senator Uzodinma was leaving the Tribunal.

The supporters of PDP were physically seen booing Senator Uzodinma and this angered the APC supporters. The two groups almost fought as they were singing against each other.

The APC supporters threatened to revenge when Governor Emeka Ihedioha appears in the witness box for his own cross-examination.

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