Kidnapped Justice Nwosu-Iheme Still In Tears Over Murder of Police Orderly

The last may not have been heard about the story of the Appeal Court Judge, Justice Nwosu-Iheme who is from Imo State.
After spending weeks at the kidnappers den, the jurist is yet to get over the trauma of losing her orderly on the day she was abducted on the Asaba-Benin road in October 30, 2019.
Justice Nwosu-Iheme who has regained freedom is still in pains over the death of the orderly if the interview she granted is anything to be considered.
According to her, while she was in the dungeon of the dare devil criminals, she started making inquries about her orderly.
“Where Is My Orderly? Tell Me The Truth, Did You Kill My Orderly?
She asked. In the story obtained online, the Appeal Court jurist said
“After four days, one of them became friendly with her. On the fifth day, she asked him, “Where is my Orderly. Please, tell me the truth. Did you kill my Orderly?”
“He answered her in the negative. “No, we did not kill him. We only took his AK 47 gun from him”.
“Nwosu-Iheme was happy. She said she wanted both of them to tell the story of their ordeal together.
“But, the next day, she asked him again:” Tell me the truth, did you kill my Orderly? The friendly kidnapper hesitated, and again denied. But she is a Judge. She understood. She broke down, and wept. For days, she wept non-stop, mourning her Orderly who she describes as the best.
“But the other woman, who was earlier kidnapped, along with her daughter, scolded and consoled her both, at once. “Stop crying. Be consoled that you are alive. You will tell his family what happened. With the number of bullets fired at your car, it is a miracle you were not killed. So, stop”.
“The remaining number of days she stayed with the kidnappers was a healing period for her to come to terms with the death of her Orderly. “I will miss him forever”, she says.