US Based Obowo Born, Ugwuh Organizes Seminar For Wealth Through Agric

Keeping in line with his vision to empower the youths and influence his immediate society positively,  Silicon Valley in US based, Comrade Chijioke Amasike Ugwuh has organized a 2day empowerment seminar for his people, themed “Wealth Creation Opportunities”.
The auspicious event which was well attended by dignitaries had about 1500 people in attendance.
Speaking to news men on the event, Comrade Ugwuh said the wealth creation seminar was a forum to uncover the opportunities that exists within the value chains in the various areas of farming. One might ask “why farming and not Technology or oil & gas”? Also why Obowo and not Imo State in general? – To answer the 2nd question first. I am from Obowo and I did it for the love we share and to give back.
Continuing, “The answer to the first question speaks to the fact that Agriculture provides 2 important factors – Collective Wealth and Food Security. My people are very industrious but can be more enterprising if pointed in the right direction.
“Therefore, we hope we can build an ecosystem unique to us, that will allow for greater collaboration and every Obowo man/woman can see each other as their greatest asset. If we are able to harness these opportunities in areas of livestock farming, vegetables, grains, legumes among others, we could be the destination for agricultural trade and produce enough that will not only give us food suffiency but provide revenue that will circulate and reduce poverty levels. Like I say to my people, poverty is man-made. The best way to predict your future is to create it (A. Lincoln).
Ugwuh maintained that it his intention to help the society create their own future.