Influx of Imo PDP Into APC Frightens Camp Hope, Coalition, Rescue Mission Camps .As PDP Former Legal Adviser Threatens To Explode


An air of discontent is suspected to be reigning in the three different political structures that make up the Imo State chapter of the All Progressive Congress, APC following the mass exodus of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP members to the ruling party.
A new wave of defections is sweeping across the PDP which has seen the party’s former chairman who led them to the 2019 election, Chief Charles Ezekwem resign. Ezekwem has moved to APC. Other party officials who have toed Ezekwem’s path to exit PDP are the state publicity secretary Damain Oparah and Youth Leader Aburi Ahanonu. Also, Okedu, State Assistant Secretary and Chijioke Pope Ekwegh the Zonal Publicity Secretary have resigned recently and are linked to APC.
Also, many non office holders at the various localities also have jumped ship to APC from PDP.
From what Trumpeta learnt, the influx is causing disquiet in Imo APC as the old party members are not too comfortable with the developments.
Judging from the reactions of many APC faithful from the different political camps that make up the state chapter whenever the news of the defections are made public, it is obvious that they are not only unwanted but are suspected of having the capacity to swell the number of  divergent interests in the party fold.
Said to be also making the different factions quake at the coming of the PDP decampees is the already existing battle for the control of the soul of Imo APC by the warring structures. Initially, Rescue Mission political platform under the leadership of the former governor, Senator Rochas Okorocha controlled the affairs of the party before Coalition group emerged. The Coalition group merged with camp Hope to battle Rescue Missionaries and ended up capturing the power.
The coming of the PDP defectors, Trumpeta learnt will also swell the battle for party positions considering that Uzodinma and those from the Modu Sheriff group of PDP he took to APC have taken over affairs of the State chapter of APC.
Another factor that is causing uneasy calm in the APC is the fact that the new comers from PDP may now be compensated with juicy political appointments for them to have safe landing.
As many Coalition and CampHope members are still looking forward to get political appointments from governor Uzodinma, there is fear that the new comers from PDP shall pose fresh challenges to their appointments.
Trumpeta learnt that the case of Adapalm Acting General Manager, Dr Esom Goddy Obodo was used as a reference point where as a non CampHope and Coalition member, he was brought from outside and handed the job by the governor.
Members of other political camps in APC are of the view that there could be a repeat of the Obodo scenario with the coming of the PDP members.
Further inquires Trumpeta gathered have it that the CampHope, the main political structure of Uzodinma are scared stiff that they may lose their positions and affinity with the governor following the defections of the PDP members to APC.
This newspaper learnt that those who are joining APC from PDP have old party links with Uzodinma which may make the number one citizen place confidence in their abilities than others.
In the case of Coalition and Rescue Mission, Uzodinma may choose to work with defected PDP members than work with them in them in the present dispensation.
Meanwhile, a seasoned lawyer and frontline politician who few days ago called it quits with the People’s Democratic Party, Barrister Jerry Egemba has asked his former party to be cautious in their choice of words against him before he voices out.
Apparently irked by a statement credited to the party chairman, Chief Ejiogu who last Thursday briefed the press over cases of defection ravaging the party, Egemba is boiling with anger by not only asking the PDP to specify what it meant by he “was a mole and double agent” in the party but will be forced to open up on the oddities that ravaged the party forcing him to resign as the legal adviser.
Giving reasons why some of the party leaders and former executive committee members dumped the party for APC, the state PDP chairman, Ejiogu accused Egemba of being a double agent and mole, hence his exit was expected.
But in a phone interview with Trumpeta, Egemba said that he decided to leave the party for personal reasons after a meritorious service warning that no one should “scratch” him to explode.
Egemba told Trumpeta in the phone chat “I did my job and rendered expected services to the PDP until the last day I tendered my resignation. Nobody complained or raised eyebrows about my activities until now I left when the party came up with unfounded allegations.
“I left quietly because it is my right to quit after service to the party. In several cases the party had before now from 2011 to 2015 and 2019 I was the prime witness. In 2011 I was PW1, same for 2015. So how come it is now I became a double agent and mole?
The Ehime Mbano born politician who was once a Development Centre Coordinator told Trumpeta that for old relationship sake he has tried to keep his cool without speaking ill of anyone or try to expose unwholesome acts rocking the party but would be  forced to so if no response comes from PDP over the accusations against him.
Egemba said he has notified few PDP leaders and would go full throttle since his former party has decided to throw caution into the winds.
He said that the exit of former party officials may not be unconnected to the presence of those who do not know anything about the operations and manifesto of the party but came in to hijack and scare away the real owners of the PDP.
The former Legal Adviser was one of the former state party officials who moved out in droves last week. Apart from him, the former state chairman, Youth Leader, Assist Secretary and Public Secretary also left the PDP and have pitched tenth with APC.