Aftermath of Amendment of Ndi Eze Law Fears in Imo Over Merging of Autonomous Communities As Uzodinma strips monarchs powers to control communities


Last week’s amendment of the Law setting up the traditional institution and chieftaincy matters by the Imo State House of Assembly has sparked off a new reign of fear in autonomous communities in the state.
The Imo State House of Assembly had touched on the law thereby giving the state governor certain powers which among others have the number one citizen of the state ability to appoint the officials of the state council of Ndi Eze.
The amended law has however raised speculations that some autonomous communities not qualified to exist may be merged.
Trumpeta also gathered that autonomous communities who were also created for political reasons may also be affected in the new arrangement.
Some traditional rulers who are not comfortable with the amendment are said to be worried over the development. There is plan by selected leaders of Ndi Eze to meet with those in charge of the state government for proper interpretation and implications of the amendment.
It was learnt that on learning about the amendment, unconfirmed reports that some autonomous communities may be merged in the new arrangement filled the local areas thereby fuelling discomfort among the monarchs.
Some of the Ezes were also said to be miffed by the decision of the state assembly to give the Governor powers to appoint their officials. 
It would be recalled that during the Rochas Okorocha administration, the monarchs chose their officials during an election. It was the process that brought in Eze Sam Ohiri for another tenure.
Meanwhile, the repeal of the Community Government Council, CGC law by the Uzodinma has stripped Nzi Eze the powers to control the administration of their Town Unions government.
Before now, Nzi Ezes were in charge under CGC ceated by the Okorocha government but the new law has strengthened the powers of Nzi Eze.