Ngor Okpala APC Members Set To Join PDP In Mass .Lament Marginalization In Appointment


The members of All Progressive Congress APC, in Ngor Okpala LGA Imo State have concluded plans to join their kits and kins in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, except their demands are met quickly by those incharge of things in Imo State.
Trumpeta was told that the members have regretted that all they worked for in making the party produce a Governor in the State have ended in disappointment, as just a few people, and from a particular section of the LGA, are rewarded in the Governor Hope Uzodinma’s Government.
The leader of the Group and top politician in the State, as well as heavy financier of APC in Imo, who asked his name be kept silent for now said, there was no more reason to continue to die in silence, when members of APC in the LGA are plotting to leave for PDP enmasse.
Apart from the Leader, others who spoke to Trumpeta maintained that it was an aberration that positions meant for Ngor Okpala were given to other LGAs, while even those held by Ngor Okpala sons and Daughters are taken away and handed to people from other parts of the States.
“Some of our Sons, who were given some Professional positions by the last regime have been sacked unceremoniously, while offices hitterto zoned to Ngor Okpala LGA  have been shameful taken away from Ngor Okpala people” Trumpeta was told.
This Newspaper was told that from the administration of Okorocha to Emeka Ihedioha the position of ISOPADEC Commissioner were given to Ngor Okpala citizens, but during the Hope Uzodinma era, it had been taken away from Ngor Okpala LGA.
“Dr Perry Njoku of the Primary Health Care, and Bidwell Okere of Signage were all sacked from office, and such offices replaced with people from other LGAs” it was said.
The APC members asked this Trumpeta the number of appointments that have been given to Ngor Okpala since the inception of Uzodinma’s Government apart from the Commissionership slot which is statutory and occupied by Bar Enyinnaya Onuegbu.
The Ngor Okpala APC members said that among the insults that pains them most is the Appointment of the Special Assistant to the Governor on Aviation from Mbaise clan, leaving out Ngor Okpala that owned the land where the Imo Airport is located.
“What is more insulting and abusive like ignoring Ngor Okpala in selecting the SA on Aviation to the Governor? Does it mean Ngor Okpala cannot produce such a person? So, all we are good at is to fight during elections and be denied what ordinarily should be our right” Trumpeta was asked.
On the existing appointments from Ngor Okpala in the Uzodinma Government, the APC members said the Commissioner, Special Advisers, Senior Special Advisers SSAs and even the TC chairman of Ngor Okpala come from the same zone in Ngor Okpala called Mbaisi, comprising of just two Wards: 1 and 4 in the LGA.
“APC members from Ngor Okpala contributed a lot to the emergence of Governor Hope Uzodinma, including sticking out their heads in fighting and defending the Governor, but unfortunately, all these major actors are empty handed after Uzodinma’s Ten months in office” one of the leaders said.
They lamented that the APC crisis is getting frustrating, as the only respite is to return back to PDP where most of them were before joining APC.
“Even in Leadership, we are confused. We don’t know which APC faction is the real one. Apart from that, who is the APC Apex Leader in Ngor Okpala?
Is it Sir George Eche, Dr TOE Ekechi, Chief George Eke, Chief (Bar) Enyinna Onuegbu the Commissioner, or Okenze Obinna Sylvester”? Trumpeta was asked.
Speaking to Trumpeta, Ngor Okpala PDP Chairmen, Chief Morrison said that PDP is a large family, as the door is open to welcome back members who drifted to APC during the elections.