First Rain Wrecks Havoc In Owerri Flood Sacks Chukwuma Nwaoha, MCC/Uratta Roads Residents


By Okey Alozie
Major roads in Owerri, Imo State capital have turned to death traps following the dangerous flood which was orchestrated by the first rain fall that took place in some parts of the State few days ago.
Our Roving reporters who went to World Bank road, Umuguma, Chukwuman Nwoha Uratta/Mcc roads and other strategic places observed that those Roads are no more motorable now because of the havoc wrecked by heavy flood.
Residents of these areas have been trapped and cut off from social and economic activities and now been paralyzed as a result of the damages caused by the rain fall.
Some residents who spoke to our reporter shortly after the rainfall begged the Governor to come to their rescue.
At World Bank, tenants that suffered great losses have started packing out to look for better places to save their property. Many also said to have relocated back to their villages.
At Chukwuma Nwoha, the erosion project there is said to have been slowed down.
Some of the road workers handling the erosion job told our reporter that government is yet to mobilize them fully to complete the job for the State to have good drainage.
The road workers even threatened to pull out from the site if things do not change.
At MCC/Uratta Road, it was discovered that motorists plying that road are now in serious trouble because of big lake formed by the rain at the middle of the road near St Mathew Catholic Church Uratta.
Motorists in that area have begged Governor Uzodinma also to come to their rescue as a matter of urgency.