How Fleeing Escapee Women Prisoners Gave Free Sex On Road


Part of the unheard stories that trailed Monday’s incident in Owerri Imo State where hoodlums attacked Owerri Correctional Centre and Police Headquarter freeing prisoners was the alleged unholy acts committed by a fleeing team of women prisoners on their way to unknown destinations.
Recall that an uncountable number of gunmen stormed Owerri prisons with explosives to free detainees in the early hours of Easter Monday.
Trumpeta learnt from an account that some of the fleeing prisoners who got freedom courtesy of the gunmen act entered several vehicles on their way in the early hours of Monday.
While on the way, this Newspaper was informed, two of the escaping women who joined others found their way at Onitsha road where they entered a vehicle heading towards Onitsha.
An account which can’t be verified because the source is not identifiable alleged that two of the escaping prisoners decided to alight with two men they met inside the vehicle and entered a nearly school building for what was suspected to be sex bout with the strange men.
Though details of what transpired could not be obtained, but information with Trumpeta was that the apparently sex starved female prisoners who may have spent a number of years in detention decided to have “one on the road” before finding their way.
Meanwhile, Trumpeta gathered that manhunt for the fleeing escapee prisoners have commenced with security agencies commencing search for them.
According to reports, about 35 prisoners refused to escape when the hoodlums struck, while information has it that some have voluntarily returned to the prison yard.