Days of rape and related sexual vices in Imo State may have come to an end following the passage of the VAPP bill into Law.
The Imo State House of Assembly last week before embarking on their annual recess passed the
“Bill for a Law to eliminate violence in private and public life, prohibit all forms of violence including physical, sexual,
psychological, domestic, harmful traditional practices, discrimination against persons and to provide maximum protection and effective remedies for victims and punishment of offenders”, into Law.
The Law was chiefly sponsored by the member representing Njaba State Constituency, Rt. Hon. Uju Onwudiwe.
Passing the Law, the House recommended for a twenty-one years jail term for convicted persons of rape in the State.
The bill which reads in parts explains;
“A person commits the offence of rape if (a) he or she intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person; male or female, with any other part of his or her body or any object else: (b) the other person does not consent to the penetration; or (c) the consent is obtained by force or means of threat or intimidation of any kind or by fear of harm or by means of false and fraudulent representation as to the nature of the act or the use of any substance or addictive capable of taking away the will of such person or in the case of a married person by impersonating his or her spouse;
“(d) a person under the age of 14 is a minor and legally incapable of giving consent to any form of penetration under this section;
“(2) A person convicted of an offence under subsection (1) of this section is liable to imprisonment for life except-
(a) where the offender is less than 14 years of age, the offender shall be liable to a maximum of 15 yearss imprisonment;
(3) Where the act described under this section is committed by a group of persons, the offence shall be known as gang rape and on conviction the persons shall be liable jointly and severally to life imprisonment.
4) Where death occurred as a result of rape or the victimm dies within 1 year from the injuries inflicted during the rape, the offender(s) shall be sentenced to death;
(5) The court shall also award appropriate compensation as It may deem fit in the circumstance to be paid by the offender to the victim”.
“(6) A person who attempts to commit the act of rape provided for in subsection (1) of this section commits an ofence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of 21 years”.

Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Paul Emeziem was almost dragged to the cleaners few days ago, but with the timely intervention of his wife, Lady Mrs. Chinyere Emeziem, the situation was brought under control.
One man addressed as Mr. Wisdom Onyemauwa raised the alarm that one of the orderlies attached to the Speaker punctured his tyres over the weekend along the Owerri-Okigwe Road.
Reason for the action, Trumpeta Newspaper learnt was his inability to make way for the Speaker, on hearing the blaring siren.
As if that was not enough, the same Wisdom Onyemauwa from reports gathered allegedly escaped attackers while he was bidded to meet with the Speaker.
The incident raised eyebrows and concerns of Imolites, who were obviously worried on the uprising harassment by those who supposed to safeguard lives.
The good news therefore was that on hearing the matter, the Speaker’s wife immediately sent for the suspected victim who later honoured their invitation by the number three household in Imo.
Trumpeta learnt that Mrs. Emeziem felt so sorry for what happened, and pleaded for his forgiveness.
Following suit, the Speaker also asked for forgiveness, since his wife had already made the peace move.
They compensated the poor Onyemauwa for the damages he incured following the shooting.
The singular attitude of Speaker’s wife, is said to have earned her more love, especially from Onuimo people who didn’t hide their satisfaction over her usual motherly roles.
Meanwhile, Imolites have called on the Speaker and the House Leadership to warn their orderlies and aides attached to them, to avoid similar scenario and maltreatment.

The quest for who replaces the incumbent member representing Mbaitoli/Ikeduru in the House of Representatives in 2023 is said to be gathering momentum, if what Trumpeta Newspaper gathered is to be considered.
Barely two years to 2023 general elections, aspirants across Imo State are said to be warming up for the race.
Among the persons to watch is Hon. Uche Ogbuagu, currently representing Ikeduru State Constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly.
The body language of the erstwhile comedian may not be separated from his undying passion to go to the green chambers of the National Assembly.
Although Ogbuagu has not made any official statement as to his next political move, it was reliably gathered that he is determined to extend his representative tentacles down to Abuja.
This newspaper gathered that in preparation for his birthday anniversary slated for August 17, 2021, Hon. Uche Ogbuagu would be giving out branded cars and buses to potential beneficiaries.
The vehicles were clearly marked “Ogbuagu Mbaike ’23, Go! Recover Our Lost Glory”.
That, according to the donor is strictly for free and by merit.
The branded vehicles could be said to portray Ogbuagu’s undying passion for Mbaike Federal House of Representatives seat, come 2023.
Records have it that Ogbuagu has been under pressure lately to contest the Ikeduru/Mbaitoli (Mbaike) Reps seat.
On the foregoing, he may have made up his mind to hearken to the clarion call by his immediate Federal Constituency.
Other plans may have been perfected to enable a smooth sail, hence the teaser with the branded Mbaike vehicles display.
Recall that Ogbuagu had reiterated his resilience in ensuring that he delivers democracy dividends to his people, without minding any ploy by detractors.
Meanwhile, all is now set for the birthday celebration of the Honorable Member representing Ikeduru State Constituency in Imo State House of Assembly, Amb. Uche Ogbuagu.
From what Trumpeta Assembly Vibes gathered, the Lawmaker has finalised every arrangements to dine and wine with his constituents, especially the vulnerable persons.
Irrespective of his suspension alongside other five Lawmakers of the the IMHA by the House Leadership, led by Speaker Paul Emeziem, the Ikeduru born comedian turned Legislator is leaving no stone unturned in maintaining his legacies.
It was gathered that Ogbuagu’s country home in Akabo, Ikeduru LGA, will be beehive of activities on the 17th August, 2021, as he would be celebrating his birthday anniversary.
According to information obtained by this Newspaper, Hon. Uche Ogbuagu will be celebrating with the orphanage homes, senior citizens, special citizens, the homeless, the poor aged ones, and the underprivileged persons.
It was learnt that although the birthday bash would be on low key, there are other programs and empowerments to herald the day.
There are other items to be disbursed at the event.
Trumpeta Correspondent scooped that celebrating his birthday with the less privileged and his constituents has been a yearly ritual for Ogbuagu, even before delving into full politics.
He believes that the best birthday anniversary for him would be celebrating with his people, especially with the destitute, and thanking God for His Grace, mercy, protection, to excel higher in life. 
An indigene of Ikeduru LGA who gave his name as Mr. Okehi Remigius however described Ogbuagu as a “cat of nine lives”, adding that with all the troubles he receives from the opposition, he remained resolute. 

It has become worrisome that the premises housing the Imo State Legislature, along the Heroes Square boulevard, Owerri, Imo State is deteriorating, thereby calling for remedial action.
The Lawmakers left their permanent site along the State Secretariat for where they use as a tentative site after their inauguration sometime in June 2021.
Since then, neither the old building, nor the temporary site are proper taken care of.
The latest development is the flood cases whenever rain falls.
Assembly vibes monitored with disgust how the temporary complex was overflooded in one of the sitting days.
Lawmakers vehicles struggled to pass through the stagnant water at the main entrance of the place down to the end of the Assembly gate.
The Speaker and Deputy Speaker’s parking lot are not excluded as well, as rain drops there.
Assembly staff calls on the Leadership to make the place look convenient, until they get another place to call their own.