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Who Is With N114m Meant For Ohaji Electricity Project?
Questions must be raised about the N114m counterpart fund an oil and gas prospecting company, named Waltersmith paid for the electrification project of some communities of Ohaji in Ohaji/Egbema LGA of Imo State. It is ridiculous to state that in this modern times, communities in some parts of Ohaji/Egbema are yet to experience public power supply. To assist themselves get the basic amenities, it was learnt that youths of Ohaji, under the banner of National Congress of Ohaji Youths (NACOY) clamoured for public  power supply and met with Waltersmith who agreed to align with the state government for that purpose. Fortunately, the oil company operating for the multi million gas plant project in the area agreed and paid about N114m into government coffers to make up for the electricity project that would be for Umuapu, Obitti, Awarra and Assa communities of Ohaji . Reports available have it that more than a year the money was paid into a purse, the government is yet to fulfill its part of the arrangement and nothing has been done concerning the project.
What is worrying people of the area is the whereabout of the N114m Waltersmith dropped for the electricity project.

Mgbirichi-Umuagwo Power Supply: Whats Gwan EEDC?
It appears there is a grand design to throw people of Ohaji/Egbema into perpetual darkness. While money running into several millions a company dropped for the electrification project of some communities in the LGA is believed to be missing, others with available facility to be entitled to public power supply have been sentenced to darkness, no thanks to insensivity on the part of public power providers, EEDC. For over six months, Ohaji communities in Owerri-Portharcourt road have not experienced public power supply. Reason, the EEDC is yet to come to their rescue. A rain storm had early this year destroyed some electric poles in the area from Obinze to Mgbirichi extending to Umuagwo towns. Unfortunately, since the natural disaster occurred, EEDC officials have turned their blind eyes to it and yet to step in for repairs and consequent reconnection of the area to public power supply. Suspicion is rife that the EEDC may be happy with the misfortune that befell the people.

World Bank Last Roundabout Needs Attention
Residents of thickly populated World Bank, Federal Housing Umuguma, Imo Housing Estate, and those of Umuguma, Avu, Okuku communities are always in trouble when it rains as they find it difficult going through the World Bank Last Roundabout, New Owerri  to their destinations. Overtime, the road has become a troublesome spot for people living in the area. A closer observation indicates that previous administrations have only paid lip service to its remedy and one thinks that as part of the 3R can the Uzodinma administration give it a final touch for once?