Amawom Youth Warns Owerri Municipal Council Chairman , Others On Election Interference ….Assures fair Play


By Stevnie Michaels

Addressing our correspondent  a member who spoke on behalf of the youth council decried that the actions and interference of these Owerri political appointees is counter- productive as it will destabilize  the youth, damage the peace that existed in Amawom and by extension, is capable of causing chaos in the communities in Amawom.

 He noted that the election was slated to hold on the 14th of November 2021 with the post election activities from 15th to 7th December 2021. 

  He further  explained that the current executives led by Mr Uzoma Nnadi (Uzonda uzo) will end by 8th of December 2021 and a new executives sworn in, but by the interference of the Municipal Boss Hon. chief Nkwodinma Ambrose who went contrary to the Constitution and guidelines of Amawom youth electoral committee by personally conducted primaries election for 2 aspirants from Ekeonunwa village that were suspended for inability to resolve between themselves.

The IMC chairman Hon. Nkwodinma  went as far as dragging the entire electoral committee and some of the aspirants to DSS, with the intention to suspend and delay the election which is he is succeeding.

  So we the Amawom youth council here by appeal to the Governor of our great  state Imo, H E Senator Hope Uzodinma to intervene and call our Local government Boss Chief Nkwodinma Ambrose and other political appointees to order before they destabilizes the peace and harmony they enjoy in Amawom in particular and Owerri Municipal in general.

 We also would like to inform Chief Hon. Nkwodinma Ambrose  that his intentions to delay the election until the current executives leaves office with a bid to impose an interim government is against Amawom Constitution and   will not succeed as the Amawom youth and Elders will stand against it he said.