Political Tsunami In Orlu As More Leaders Endorse Ben Odunze’s Aspiration

Ben Odunze
Ben Odunze

 In what is now described as Political Tsunami, more Endorsements from Credible Leaders of Orlu Federal Constituency for Chief Ben Uche Odunze continues to occur on daily basis.

 Chief Ben Uche Odunze is aspiring under the PDP for Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency Seat. 

 The Unprecedented Scenario of massive followership and Endorsements is the first of its kind in the Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency. 

 The latest of such open acceptance and Endorsement of Chief Ben Uche Odunze came from Chief Marcellus Ikpa and Barr Emmanuel Orji. 

 Both Leaders in their Separate notices of their adoption of Chief Ben Uche Odunze, hinged their decision on the genuineness exhibited so far by the Aspirant in his Campaign Speeches. 

 They insisted that Chief Ben Uche Odunze Proven Sincerity of Purpose and Ability to deliver on the Green Chambers Representation is never in doubt. 

Chief Marcillinus Ikpa informed that he had painstakingly monitored all the Aspirants, attentively listened to them talk on Campaign and has arrived at a logical Conclusion that Chief Ben Uche Odunze stands out tall from others. 

Describing him as being better than the best 

Chief Ikpa said that he was particularly moved by Chief Ben Uche Odunze’s saying what he will do and at the same time, tells of how he will do it. 

 Which implications therefore, according to Chief Marcillinus Ikpa, is a proof of Chief Ben Uche Odunze Preparedness for the Legislative task, having already developed a workable Blue Print of his Planned Programmes, Policies and Actions. 

 And pleaded with the Delegates to Vote unfailingly for Chief Ben Uche Odunze at the Primaries

 While on his Part, the former London based  legal luminary, Barr Emmanuel ORJI announced that it is only Chief Ben Uche Odunze that have what it takes to achieve Success when elected into the Green Chambers of the National Assembly. 

 Barr ORJI said that he is impressed by Chief Odunze repeatedly speaking about Human Capital Development and desire to carry Youths along when elected. 

 This he said Chief Ben Uche Odunze will do through Skills acquisition, Empowerments, Educational, Advancement and Job opportunities, which he said will go a long way at reducing to the barest minimum, if not completely eradicating, youths restiveness.

 Barr Emmanuel ORJI urged Delegates not to waste their Votes on anyone else, but to cue behind Chief Ben Uche Odunze, describing him as Orlu Finest Brand 

 Meanwhile the lead Aspirant for The Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency Seat Chief Ben Uche Odunze has accepted the Endorsement of the two revered Leaders of Orlu Federal Constituency. 

And promised to live up to their confidence in him when elected into the Green Chambers of the National Assembly.