22 Years After, ASSAM 2000 Class Gives Back To Alma Matter


It was all smiles and joy that the old students of Ahiazu Secondary School Ahiazu Mbaise (ASSAM) class of 2000 reached out to their alma mater at the weekend. 

The set led technocrats to the School to lecture the students on the dangers of love, crush, infatuation and managing emotions as well as the effect of drug and alcohol abuse amongst young people.

Principals of both the senior and junior arms, expressed gratitude to the team for their initiative. 

Principal of Ahiazu Senior Secondary School, Mrs Petronilla Onyemaechi welcomed the old students and commended their give back initiative, saying it was the first since she assumed leadership as Principal Ahiazu Senior Secondary School.

Onyemaechi expressed interest to collaborate with the school to restore her glory even as she added that just like other schools, the school needed more Teachers and provision of more security to safeguard staff and students. 

Chairman of ASSAM class of 2000, Dr Udi Egbuhuzor said the project was a long conceived dream, saying “It’s a great event for us, we have longed to meet you and be part of your story. We are glad that today our dream has been fulfilled because if we died before now, we won’t be happy, we are committed to give back to our alma mater, where we were nurtured to greatness”.

According to him, following reports by parents on external influences, ASSAM Class of 2000, decided to undertake the project to sensitize the youngsters.

He said “We have come to harp on the need to be worthy Ambassadors, for you to stay away from drugs, and sexual immorality. We were raised here and today we have become great men and women, and we desire same for you, that you will shun external distractions and face your studies squarely”.

Another ASSAM alumni, Arch Ifeanyi told the students to embrace study so they will turn out well in life saying “Rather than gamble, why not take to solving mathematical problems, write essays, prove yourselves in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and other subjects. We believe in you, please make us proud”. 

In her paper on the dangers of love, crush, infatuation and managing emotions, Dr Franca Okumo, a senior Lecturer at the Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa state harped on the need to avoid sexual advances. 

Okumo explained to the students that the changes they have noticed was normal and part of their descend into adulthood saying “You are the sum total of your choices, you can’t be anything outside the choices you make. Your outcome depends on your choices and associations you make. You need to work out the process and your decision.

The power of association is important and you must be conscious of the right one. God gave you your sexuality but without direction, it will lead to confusion and addiction.

Further, the University Lecturer said “Please realise you are normal, the erection and breast changes are normal, but you must learn to control the hormone surge and avoid it controlling you. If you don’t control it, it begins to affect your thinking and you will be on a gradual way to destruction. 

For girls, if you get pregnant now, your education will be disrupted. Please away from unnecessary attention and affection, you can’t cope, because affection without direction and control will lead to a future of confusion. 

Boys, shun all forms of sexual distraction and affection because it leads to sexual acts which is the easiest way to self-destruction. If you are not careful, you will become hooked to masturbation and sleeping around. 

Run from those yahoo boys telling you that school is scam. Avoid pyrography, it leads to sexual addiction which causes emotional fire. Masturbation kills your body. We love you, love yourself back by staying away from things that destroy you”, Okumo warned.

On her part, Imo base Journalist, Angela Nkwo-Akpolu spoke on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse amongst young people.

She warned that any substance or drink that is not a medical prescription and cannot be avoided is a subtle substance abuse.

After listing the different types of substance used by students and people, Nkwo-Akpolu appealed to the students to shun them.

She said “You are drinking bottles of alcohol when you are less than 14 years old, you are killing your system. Remember it’s the same body that will carry you to adulthood so please be kind to yourself. Going to parties and smoking shisha will kill your body, and in a few years when you should adjust to adulthood, you begin several trips to hospitals and prayer houses because of the decisions you took today.

See, nobody may see you take any substance today but I assure you, soon the results will be out for everyone to see. If it doesn’t push you to do crimes, it will push you to live a warped lifestyle. Avoid staying in the bush when you should be in class learning. Remember you are the fathers and mothers of tomorrow, shun substance use now”, she appealed. 

Afterwards there was presentation of cash prizes to outstanding students in the senior secondary which comprised mostly of girls, which included Anichem Onyinyechi and Nnanna Blessing.

The students danced, ate, and asked questions to guide their career decisions in life.