Why I Dumped Uzodinma’s Government – Says Batos Nwadike


The Government of Imo State, led by Governor Hope Uzodinma was jolted a few days ago, as one of the major pillars of the Governor, Chief Batos Nwadike (Oyi of Igboland) threw in the towel, saying he is no more a member of the State Expanded Executive Council and Cabinet Member.

Chief Nwadike, who was the Special Adviser SA to the Governor on Political Affairs before he resigned his position, raised a lot of issues which necessitated his resignation.

 The Activists, and arch follower of Uzodinma for years, said he could not bear it any more, as he was in office, yet not in office as some times important decisions concerning his office are taken without him even having an inkling when such decisions were taken.

Nwadike even said that he was so frustrated that he funded his office, spending his personal money which have not been refund to him till date.

According to the former Special Adviser, he is expecting to be refunded a total sum of seventy seven million, two hundred thousand naira (N77,200,000).

He requested the Governor to kindly refund him the money as he is suffering with his family, having used his personal money to fund his Government office.

He alleged that the Governor was fond of embracing and elevating known political enemies, than rewarding those close to him.

“Far disappointing is your bewildering fervent embrace of and elevation of hardened opponents of the vision, high and above honest and dedicated allies” Nwadike said.

He maintained that he has served Uzodinma for twenty years, and stuck his head for his victory only to be treated shabbily.

Nwadike however, thanked Gov Uzodinma for affording him the opportunity to serve Imo State, and asked for his understanding.