EZE ISI IHITEOWERRI SETS PACE IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT …… Organises Free Medical Healthcare and Seminar on Dangers of Drug Abuse


One of the Igbo Proverbs says: “Ana Esi N’ulo Di Mma….” (Meaning: Charity begins at home.) Another one also says: “Aku Ruo Ulo, Orute Ndi Ozo” (that means, when someone’s wealth gets to his community, it positively impacts on others). All these could be associated with one man, an Iroko and great Son of Aboh Ihiteowerri Dynasty – HRH Eze Ambassador Damian Emeka Obianigwe (KSM), Ezeoha, Obi of Isi Ihiteowerri Autonomous Community in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, South East Nigeria. Report reveals that on the 5th day of October, 2022, a Free Medical Programme was organised by this illustrious son of the community for the entire people of Orlu North (consisting of Ihiteowerri Ancient Kingdom, Isi Ihiteowerri, Obinugwu Aut. Community, Amanato Ihiteowerri, Obibi and Ogberuru communities).


The Ochasi people trooped out in their numbers to receive this largesse (free medical treatment), powered by Ezeoha and Obi of Isi Ihiteowerri, Ambassador Obianigwe (KSM). They were of all ages – the young, the old, the aged, and even the physically challenged – all presenting different kinds of sicknesses. The medical team was also formidable and equal to the task, as they did their best to serve the people.


Earlier, in a sermon during the mass to commence the event, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Christopher Chukwu, called on the faithful to understand that they had one father , and as children of the same father, they ought to live in peace and harmony where love, forgiveness, and fraternity reigned, He commended the traditional ruler of Isi Ihiteowerri autonomous community, HRH Eze Ambassador Damian Obianigwe (KSM), for being his brothers’ keeper, while praying the Almighty God to bless and keep him.


In an interview, the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Chris Chukwu, expressed joy at the turn of event and showered blessings on Eze Obianigwe and family.


“At a time like this, there are those in Ihiteowerri, who believe that good things shall be part of their community. One of them is our Eze, HRH Eze Ambassador Damian Obianigwe (KSM). He knows how to help his subjects. He was the one that brought the medical team for a free Medicare to his people, this is a good thing. Your Highness has been on this philanthropy for long – not only for the Catholics but also for every believer without minding where you came from…” the Man of God blessed Ezeoha and his family.” He praised the traditional ruler.


Also speaking, the Programme Coordinator of the Outreach, Ms. Ngozi Maurine Ani, who expressed joy over the magnanimity of the Aboh Omennu-born traditional ruler, called on other well-meaning individuals in the zone to emulate Eze Obianigwe’s example.


“The brain behind this medical outreach is one of our great Ambassadors, and one of our patrons in this International Organisation called “Advocates for Global Peace Forum International”, HRH Eze Ambassador Obianigwe (KSM), Ezeoha, Obi of Isi Ihiteowerri. He brought us here to give medical attention to the people of Ochasiato free of charge – all expenses on him.” On the turn out of the participants, Ms. Ani said: “In fact, when I came in here, I was scared. I asked: can we handle this people? The turnout was massive….we met about five communities combined. The church hall was filled up with many more outside. God saw us through as we are only 12 in our medical team here.” She showered praises on Ambassador Obianigwe for the event.” She said.


Others that also spoke to our correspondent included the Palace Secretary of Isi Ihiteowerri Autonomous Community, High Chief Sylvester Njemnobi, a member of Eze’s Cabinet, Chief Sylvester Okpara, the community Woman Leader and the Catechist of the Parish, Mr. Ogbatuo. All of them expressed joy and happiness over the kind gestures of Eze Obianigwe and prayed the Almighty God to sustain him and his family.


Meanwhile, against the incidence of drug abuse ravaging our society today, HRH Eze Ambassador Damian Emeka Obianigwe (KSM), Ezeoha, Obi of Isi Ihiteowerri, on Friday, October 6, 2022 also organised a seminar on: “War Against Drug Abuse” for the whole youths of Orlu North – Ihiteowerri, Obibi and Ogberuru communities. The facilitator was a National Drug Law-Enforcement Agency (NDLA) staff`; Mr. Shehu Lamuwa Mohamed.


Youths numbering about a 1,400 filled the St. Martins Catholic Church hall but those from secondary schools were greater in number. They were advised against the use of hard drugs and the dangers of self-medication. According to Mr. Mohamed, though drug abuse was a global pandemic, out of 280 million people that use illicit drugs in the world, 15 million of them are Nigerians.


The facilitator noted that stages of drug abuse include experimentation, occasional/irregular use, regular use and dependence, adding that drug abuse occurs when such drug is prohibited by law, or it’s not medically necessary or even when it’s excessively used as in the case of alcohol and cigarettes, pointing out that drug destroys whoever uses it. He said that families, individuals themselves, friends and the entire society suffer from the effects of drug abuse. Mr. Mohamed was of the view that it was the “ogbasaram” (it doesn’t concern me) mentality, availability of drugs, and its affordability are some of the causes of drug abuse.


The facilitator, suggested some realistic prevention measures as, saying NO to drugs by everyone; parental vigilance, community participation, early child education on drug effects and postponing the use of drugs till maturity, among others. He told the youths that mental illness, loss of memory, cancer, ulcer, hypertension and damage to one’s future career constitute some of the physical effects of drug abuse. He further mentioned some abused drugs as Indian hemp, Methamphetamine (Nkpurumiri, Guzoro, Ice), depressants, narcotics, tramadol and others. While calling on the church, government and stakeholders in youth development to step up effort at tutoring the youths on the dangers of drug as done by Eze Obianigwe. There was a question and answer session.


In his vote of thanks, the Parish Priest of St. Martin’s Catholic Parish, Ihiteowerri, Rev. Fr. Christopher Chukwu (Omi) appreciated the organizers and the facilitator, Mr Mohammed, for the job well done, especially the traditional ruler of Isi Ihiteowerri, HRH Eze Ambassador Damian Obianigwe (KSM), for his philanthropic gestures.


Our correspondent had interviews with some of the participants and stakeholders. All expressed joy over the seminar while praying God to continue to keep and prosper the arrow-head behind the event, HRH Eze Ambassador Damian Obianigwe (KSM), Ezeoha, Obi of Isi Ihiteowerri. Highlight of the event was the sharing of prices to the youths who excelled in the quiz competition.


To God be the Glory in the life of HRH Eze Ambassador D. E. Obianigwe (KSM), Ezeoha, Obi of Isi Ihiteowerri Autonomous Community. Congratulations, and may God continue to bless the day you were born.