AFA Holds 3rd Quarterly Meeting On Ending Violence Against Women, Girls In Imo


By Onyinyechi Amakaulo

Recently, the Alliances for Africa (AFA) in Owerri the Imo State capital, held her third quarterly review meeting committee on ending violence against women and girls (ISCEVAWG) at Rockview Hotel.

Presenting her paper on the topic safeguarding essentials 101 the CEO of Alliance for Africa, Mrs Iheoma Obibi, expresses worry over the non challant attitude of private and public employees in this country for not putting down safeguarding rules for their workers.

Mrs Obibi noted that safeguarding should be number one rule and regulation of any organization that have interest of their workers at heart.

She noted that some of the abuses caused by CSO’S can include, sexual exploitations, abuse and sexual harassment, bullying and harassment in the work place which according to her will make any worker to withdraw when such situation comes around him or her as she used the opportunity to call on employee of labours to add safeguarding as part of their rules and regulation in their work place.

Speaking further, Mrs Obibi added that neglect, physical or emotional harm, gossiping, abuse of each other should be looked in every sector, in Nigeria, in other to help people put in their best and work being fulfilled.

AFA CEO, said that people with disabilities are the people who face discrimination mostly, either because of their nationality, ethnicity, elderly people too are also at higher risk, she said.

She also listed 5 key points that all sectors should include in their organization to make people feel free while working in that organization to include, accountly monitoring, prevention, reporting and response.

“There should be proper check on any staff you higher to work in your organization it will help anybody know who he or she is for proper documentation incase the need ariases” “accountability of all the event happening and prevention accept is very paramount”.

Obibi said that principal and survivor centered approach, will her a lot so that those who are abused can be in those centers while some training will be giving to them to heal back and reunite  back to the society as she added that minors cannot will consent and neither can vulnerable parents, families and survivours, she submitted.