OCDA Dismantles Illegal Road Side Traders On Douglas, Control, World Bank , Others 


..As GM, Nzewodo Clears Air

By Orji Sampson

The Owerri Capital Development Authority (OCDA) an agency in Imo State charged with the responsibility for the planning, development and maintenance of the capital city Owerri has stepped up in the discharge of its duties in ensuring orderliness and development of the city.

In a recent development, the OCDA task force team ably led by its hard working General Manager, dismantled all road obstructions around Douglas road, Control Post area, World bank round about and Hospital junction axis.

Recall that the capital city recently continued to witness indiscriminate surge of traders who erect tables and umbrellas on the roadsides there bye obstructing and reducing free flow of traffic for the road users. But they were graciously made to clear their wares from the road side as the exercise instantly ensure the free flow of traffic to the delight of road users especially in the affected areas who sang the praise of the OCDA GM and his men.

However, it is rather unfortunate that some misinformed persons has gone ahead to try to discredit the good work of OCDA in the bid to tarnish the good efforts of the agency trying to discharge their duties and create orderliness in the capital city.

Reacting to newsmen on the development, the OCDA General Manager, Hon Frank Nkem Nzewodo said;

 “It is always paramount to recognize all offices of government that are working with integrity and sincerity.

“We at OCDA feel the pains of road users in Owerri evidently caused by street traders and that is why we decided to chase away street traders who has turned government roads to shopping malls. We dismantled all umbrellas, tables and pits for loading vehicles that are making life difficult for road users on Douglas road, Control Post area, World bank roundabout, and Hospital junction.“ Nzewodo said.

The GM also reacted to a voice note making rounds on social media alleging that OCDA officials engage in extorting road side traders;

“Information can spread rapidly in this digital age, it is important to verify your information before spreading falacy which can tarnish another person’s image. In the case of the voice note circulating in Imo state, it is important to debunk the mistaken identity of OCDA officials as individuals involved in extorting money from roadside sellers. OCDA’s mandate does not include revenue collection from roadside petty-traders or engaging in such activities. It is important that we all should remain vigilant and responsible in sharing accurate information to promote transparency and avoid unnecessary confusion or mistaken identity,“ Nzewode concluded.