Mixed Reactions Trail Imo Lawmakers Motion to Return Police Armored Vehicle in Ideato




Multiple vibes from Ideato federal constituency and beyond are following the motion moved on the floor of the Federal House of Representatives calling for the return of Police Armoured Vehicle at a location in Obioha part of Ideato South LGA of Imo State.

Reps member representing the Federal Constituency, Hon Ikenga Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu had in a motion asked that the Inspector General of Police to return the Armoured Personal Carrier, APC that was stationed at the place before it was removed.

Trumpeta recalled that during the administration of Senator Rochas Okorocha, an Area Command of the Police was created on the Orlu Urualla Road near Ogboko junction where crime fighting equipment were stationed.

But at the expiration of his tenure and in the past few years, the presence of the APC couldn’t be spotted again prompting Ikenga to have moved the motion.

Ikenga who was once a victim of unknown gunmen attacks in his Ideato North compound while presenting the motion sited insecurity and other criminal factors as reasons for the call.

He said that the need for protection of lives and property require that APC be at the Area Command to serve the localities.

Immediately the motion was adopted, reactions started trailing it .

A notable public affairs commentator and writer who operates in the social media alongside others condemned the action of the lawmaker.

According to the writer fondly called Akwaa Akwuru Umobom, who accused the lawmaker of squandering opportunities to give Ideato federal constituency a better representation, said that the motion was frivolous stating that Ideato is not a war torn locality to seek return of APC.

“It’s necessary to state clearly, for record purposes that Ideato Federal Constituency is one of the most peaceful, compact, homogeneous and united Nigeria. Any impression that is created by anybody, or any classification that has this Constituency under red index muat be seen as a handiwork of criminals who want to swindle the government”

Explaining further, the writer states “It is important to note that The Mopol Base, Obiohia was the handiwork of the Richest man in Imo State. That formation is obviously the most redundant in the country as it wasn’t established for public interest but was a political creation that was aimed at securing the private institutions and interests of the Richest family. The former governor brought the police to intimidate his people when he was squeezing acres of free lands from them. He foresaw revolution and needed Police protection. This is post Richest era! The Base is not serving her functional purposes because there is virtually no security roles she could play after the exit of Richest

“IDEATO Federal Constituency is not an urban graded area , yet she has three Police Divisions and a Police Area Command. What purpose does Mopol Base serve in an area that has never recorded any case of violence, uprising, riots, or any act that suggests mild-scale conflicts. Even volatile areas in Imo State don’t have the quantum of security infrastructure that dots Ideato land. Yet, the Saint we sent to Abuja is busy asking the IG to return an old APC he retrieved from the Mopol base in IDEATO. I am sure the new IG must have wondered why his predecessors consented to the Base in the first place”

However, a contrary opinion indicates that the motion by Ikenga is in order stating that

” you made a salient point but ideato needs as much security architecture as the areas u mentioned oguta, owerri n the rest. our honourable member needs to start from somewhere and this move is a welcomed one. let truth be told he has done well, this our brother deserves more. we should give him more support and encouragement. please what we fail to understand is the functionality of roles. ikenga is a legislator not an executive ( governor). there is limit to what he can do. so let us keep encouraging him to do more”

The issue has turned to be a matter of debate among residents of the area.