Araraume: I’m Not Leaving APC For PDP


Senator Ifeanyi Araraume has opened up to state that he has no plans to dump APC for PDP.

Trumpeta had in the last edition made public of a likelihood of Araraume joining PDP from APC where the paper assumed he may run for next governorship of Imo State.

This newspaper had based its report on words oozing from strong followers of the former Senator who represented Okigwe Zone indicating that Araraume may return to PDP for 2023 election.

In the wake of the mass resignation from the PDP orchestrated by the departure of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, allies were said to have reconsidered a return to PDP.

However, Araraume has come to say the otherwise stating that he doesn’t have such a plan.

According to a statement Dickson Omaiye Esq who claims to be SA Legal to Araraume titled;

RE: ARARAUME TO REJOIN PDP, MAY RUN 2027 IMO GUBER states that the  “attention of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume has been drawn to a malicious and fabricated headline published by Trumpeta newspaper on May 14th, 2024, which recklessly claimed that he is planning to defect from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with the intention of running for the office of Governor in Imo State in 2027.

“Senator Araraume categorically and emphatically rejects this false and misleading information.

“Senator Araraume has not on any occasion, had any discussions or negotiations with anyone about abandoning the APC or contesting the governorship seat in Imo State.

“He remains a dedicated, committed, and loyal leader within the APC, and has no intention of joining the PDP or any other political party, having played a major role in the last presidential elections as National director Trade and economy for southern Nigeria (South West, South East and South South) and is currently creating jobs through the establishment of industries, assisting government to get citizens gainfully employed

“The public is by this publication enjoined to completely disregard this baseless, malicious, and mischievous publication, which is clearly aimed at causing confusion among his supporters, and destabilizing the political landscape of Imo State.

“We assure the public that Senator Araraume is committed to continuing to serve the people of Imo State and Nigeria at large with unwavering dedication and commitment through his leadership role in the APC, and will not be distracted by such unfounded and mischievous reports.

“The purveyors of this falsehood are hereby advised to desist from spreading misinformation and propaganda, and instead engage in constructive and issue-based political discourse for the benefit and advancement of our dear Imo state and citizens at large”

On the strength of the above, Trumpeta wishes to state that Araraume has denied such plans to rejoin PDP and the second narrative of plans to run for 2027 governorship is therefore of no effect.