IMSU Accident: High Chief Buchi Oparaugo Mourns This Death Too Many


I received the shocking news of an accident that took place around IMSU junction in the evening of Friday 17th May. With unimaginable pain in our hearts, I express deep feelings of this death too many in our land. It is not as though we don’t care but that we must ensure basic infrastructural frameworks are deployed to prevent such untimely deaths.

It is with heavy heart that I received this sad news that claimed the lives of numerous people including a lecturer, students and workers of Imo State University and other people. This type of quantum and singular deaths is not acceptable to me.

In other climes, this will never happen given that govt constantly would advance the need to prevent and regulate chances of happening. And this measure prevents people from such untimely deaths.

My involvement in politics is to ensure that living standards are improved upon to meet world living standards (WLS) which is about Millennium Development Goals (MDG). When MDGs are advanced, it ultimately dovetails to all sectors of societal existence which ensure standard infrastructures that checkmated such accidents from happening.

We at High Chief Buchi Oparaugo’s offices and home, do wish the dead peaceful reposition of their souls in the LORD. We also path their relations and well wishers on the back and say ‘take heart’ and may GOD give you all the needed fortitude to bear this avoidable loss.

As we mourn the dead, we also pray that this type of evil must not visit our land again.

Chuma Anene

Buchi Oparaugo media team