Hon Acho Ihim and Mouth Diahorea



Public office is sacred and anybody holding it should possess the qualities to make it look attractive.  But this cannot be said of the member representing Okigwe state Constituency in Imo House of Assembly, Hon Acho Ihim who seems to have developed mouth diahorea of recent.   Ihim, former Council Chairman who seemed to be carried away by his lawmaker position should know what it takes to be a distinguished honourable member of the House.  As the House Committee Chairman on Information, Due Process and Inter Parliamentary Relations, Ihim is expected to be the man – Friday of every journalist, but the fair skinned former classroom teacher is opposite.  Apart from not knowing how to handle his duties by becoming a bridge between the press and the House, as well as cover up for inadequacies of the State Legislature, Ihim lacks courtesy and decorum to handle sensitive matters concerning House publicity.  POPULAR SIDE will not blame him for the excess because he lacks the basic training and formal knowledge to be in charge of Information Committee of the House.  It is unfair for Ihim to address the Press only when he wants to react to any negative story against the House.  And when he wants to do so, he throws caution to the wind and begins to vomit nonsense while addressing journalists on certain issues.

The other day, Ihim opened his mouth too wide to call a journalist a member of the House of Assembly Press Corp, a “bloody he – goat” and amidst other unprintable words because his media wrote that “Imo House of Assembly is broke”.  At the end of his skewed Press briefing, Hon Ihim failed to tell the whole world that after the story embarrassed the State Government and the House, money was released immediately to the House and reasonable number of debts paid.  Even grumbling members were settled. The Okigwe – Rep man should be proactive in his approach and be cautious to abuse journalists during press briefings.  If need be POPULAR SIDE will advise him to consult his predecessor, Hon Nze Ray Emeana for tutorials on lawmakers/media relationship than go on unnecessary yabis