Owelle and the New Government House


       There is no gain saying in the fact that the Governor of Imo state, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha is a man of style.  His knack for sophiscated things has been made manifest in his Rescue Mission Agenda.  Few days ago, POPULAR SIDE was chanced to be at the renovated Government House and almost saw wonders.  Apart from the demolition and renovation of old buildings, Owelle has re – structured the whole premises from the cabinet office/old office of the SSG to the Governor’s office, to the extent that those who were there some years ago may wonder if the place was the same premises they used to govern the State.  The rag – tag Multi – Purpose Hall that occupied more than 1000 guests has been transformed to a mini conference Hall with state – of the art facilities equaled to that observed in other developed climes.  In all, POPULAR SIDE observed that Owelle efforts to restructure Government House may amount to waste of fund and space because he would have used his magical waned to build a new Government House in the spacious and available new Owerri site.  Even the act of destroying structures like the old executive chambers, multipurpose and cabinet office buildings which were not in sorry state is uncalled for.  POPULAR SIDE does not think that the Governors who ruled Imo from the days of Ndubuisi Kanu to his immediate predecessor were fools to have left the EXCO Chambers for years.  At least those structures are objects of relics and cannot be wished away during historical studies.  Some items or objects are for the past.  Why destroy Douglas House, the historical seat of power, why destroy the famous EXCO Chamber where the like of Adenihun, Mbakwe, Ikwechegh and their commissioners took major decisions concerning the state in the past?  Are there no historians in Owelle’s cabinet?  The Governor would have imitated the likes of Dr Peter Odili of Rivers state who did not destroy the old Brick House (Government House) before building a new one.  Owelle who visits London regularly should tell Imo people if the successive rulers in that country have destroyed the famous structures at No 10 Downing street (seat of power),because of its medieval pattern.  Like the popular saying in Igbo land, “Carry rope tie goat and tie goat with rope” is the same thing.

Owelle should be advised to go for new structures better than street gates, than destroying historical and monumental items in his Rescue Mission.