These days, the rate male and female folk’s scratch their body (Private parts) in the public is very alarming. News making rounds indicate that the female folks especially in school, practice the “scratch and win” as its fondly called and pretend to be drawing down their low waist and skimpy wears.

“Campus gist recently learnt that there is a serious war going on between the male and female folks on who scratches more than the other and who deserves to win the “scratch and win” competition.

Evidently, words are usually thrown at each other by the warring parties and “Campus Gist” serves to your delight these atomic words.

“Maroke, Josie please pack that dirt after you must have finished scratching it out”

“Nnamdi, Abe o! make una no scratch out H.I.V from that una chamber wey Dick and Harry the always enter”

“D mag, Girls with their wahala, some of them don’t even wash their pants, that’s why they scratch as they jump from one man to another instead of jumping from one of their books to another as students they are.

“Isabella, Girl carry go jor, Abeg no be all girls o! what of you guys wey the sagg with dirty shin wey una no dey wear inside? Wait until she is scratching the front side?

An unanimous student who spoke with campus gist revealed that most of the girls are either suffering from one virus disease or the other and some times, because they wash their undies and put them on immediately after performing, they easily develop itching ties on their skin.

The scratching thing usually is associated with female hairs as the dirts bring about a lot of itching and scratching. But this days, it has transfared to the down below due to the duties it performs regularly by accepting everything in the name of money.