Whose Blood Are You?


I had quite a hectic day at my work place on one of those days one cannot easily describe, when I came back, I knew that my body needed no other thing at that material time than rest. As I sat down an aeroplane flew past where I was and my thought started wondering at the creatures behind the manipulation of the plan. I came to the conclusion that those behind the movement of the aircraft are pilots who are men of substance. The conclusion stemmed from the fact that only men and women of courage and resilience can handle such task. In my amazement, I marveled at the strength and wisdom God bestowed on humanity.
Among everything God created he chose and created man in his own image. What that means is that man is a carbon copy of the image of God. Indeed it is a great honour from God to have created man in his very image. I mean he would have chosen other elements like the wind, fire, sea, mountain, flowers tree etc because he has the powers to do that; but he concentrated his energy in making man that will inhabit the world bearing God’s nature.
Another issue that amazes me about God and creation is that he even made the angels lower beings than the man. It was to man that God gave charge to subdue and rule the world. What that means is that every other thing created must give heed to man’s ordinances. As far as I am concerned that power to rule given to man by God is a rare privilege which man must appreciate. But instead of appreciation, man in his several misgivings and deeds have even questioned this privileged power and authority which God gave to him freely.
As a higher animal, man is supposed to direct other animals to the path of righteousness but most often it is even the lower beings like the fallen angels that rule man’s heart. What a shame!
Mr. Chairman, often times you forget that you are a earner of God’s image and as such should behave like your heavenly father. When we give birth to our children we expect them to behave like us. Yes you desire that your child will be a mirror through whom the world will get to know you better. When you spend time and energy to gather resources to train your children it is because you want them to be useful and wise and also far them to be strong to bear the family name and fly the flag. And when such a child behaves well, we feel happy and proud to associate with such a child. Under such good circumstances, you can easily tell a stranger “this is my son”. You feel proud because the child is good and he has good reputation which you have always yearned for. No body will be proud to father a child who does not follow the instructions of his parents. That filial relationship between our biological children and us is what is obtainable between us and God.
However it is so dis-heartening when I realize that a lot of people move about the face of the earth without a purpose. They move aimlessly, going about their businesses without recourse to the maker of heaven and earth. As they move, instead of acknowledging God and giving him glory for their existence, they choose rather to obey the lover animal Lucifer. In their heart, they have no respect to God much more fearing him, but they reverence Satan and fear him more than their creator. This set of human beings I have wondered if they think they just flew into the world on their own. Do they realize that we all came into the world to fulfill God’s mandate? Infact it is the fulfillment of that purpose that we are alive. But alas a lot are here fulfilling different purposes contrary to the will of God.
Everyday you watch this crop of people attend burial ceremonies and yet such occasions do not teach them lessons of life. These days the hearts of men are snared with hot charcoal that the sight of a dead man does not move or shake them. That is the reason, some people can afford to be in a burial environment where a young person is being committed to mother earth and you see them chatting, noisily, laughing and feeling so unconcerned about the very ugly situation. To some, they can be sober but as soon as they leave the scene, they are quick to forget. The Holy book warned that it is better to go to the house of mourning than the house where a baby is delivered. Why? The house of mourning should remind us that one day it will be our turn and it must surely come. If you have the realization that this life is like a market place where people buy and sell, when any one concludes his/her activities in the market the person goes home. So it is with life and man’s existence.
My greatest worry is what happens after life on earth? Most people are deceived into not bothering about what becomes of their record after life. If by chance they do give thought to their lives, they will not yield to the voice of the evil one that constantly deceives the world.
Imagine that man in his whole regalia of honour, power and strength will still stoop low to commit different atrocities according to the dictates of the devil whom they should control. The heart that God bestowed on man is that of compassion and kindness as is typical of the maker, how then should a carrier of God’s nature come to the level of taking another person’s life – the act of murder! Why will a human being have the heart to kill another? When they want to kill, they look for you and you get hired as an assassin. And when they identify you with that name you don’t ever feel bad and sorry bearing such a terrible identity. The funny aspect is that the money you collect to kill another is the money you use to sustain your own life so that you can gather momentum to continue in your devilish job. Some even use the same blood money to pay the school fees of their children, pay house rent and worst still use the money to feed their families. “Ogbu mma ga – esiriri na mma laa”.
Some other people specialized in suppressing those they feel they are greater than. As a boss you do not allow your subordinates to have breeding space-you victimize and humiliate at will all because you are a boss. You are quick to forget that you were once under before you came to the top. One day, the person under you will grow to occupy the same position where you are. That seat you occupy is like a barber’s seat – “soldier come soldier go barrack is still where it is for every position we occupy, it is a service unto God. At the end the judge of all will have you give account of what you have done with the positions placed on our hands. The Holy Book further warned that everything we do, we should do it as unto the Lord, this is because we must one day face the giver of life and account properly for the activities of our lives while we lived. At that time, may I remind you that, we will each come face to face with the greatest record keeper ever who does not and cannot make wrong calculations.
As a wise man, you must make sure that your record in the office, in the church, in your village meetings, in your marriage, in the school etc. are in order so that when the owner of life comes you will be able to present a clean slate, devoid of stains like, murder, adultery, cheating, kidnapping to mention but a few. I counsel you this day as you read this piece to pause a while and remember where you have fallen and turn a new leaf because that is the only chance and stand you have to reign with him eternally. Hurry now while you have the opportunity to make amends and the king of Mercy will surely have mercy. I may have sounded too moralistic but that is true – I feel very strongly about whose son/daughter you are. Whose name do you indeed bear?