James Okere

People who succeeded in life have lived beyond frustrations in the journey of their lives. They keep in their mind this saying; forward ever, backward never, knowing that such words when internalized and put it into action would advance one’s personality in life. Living beyond frustrations means nothing would keep us from not realizing our God given potentials on this planet earth. No wander Martin Luther King Jnr., a black American who worked hard in advancing the cause of humanity in this world via eradicating segregation said “If we can’t fly, we must run, if we can’t run, we must walk, and if we can’t walk we must crawl and if we can’t crawl, by all means we must keep moving”. What a wonderful thought from such a personality, who lived beyond frustrations and sacrificed his life while working for humanity and died at the age of 39 years.

The time we are in now is a difficult one, and that is the time we should strive to at least crawl to move forward. The time we are in now is the time to think deep and persevere to move on with our God given potentials on this earth. The time we are in now is a time to make new discoveries of our lives; that is the primary and most fundamental issue we must learn from what we are experiencing. Discovery and developing our selves is the primary issue of the time. It goes with discovering our potentials, gifts, talents etc endowed us by God. No wander; Sunny Ojeagbese, a Nigerian inspirational writer and publisher said “Adversity goes hand in hand with opportunities, which is one secret of success people don’t know”.

In the Holy Bible, we have records of many who saw adversities, lived beyond them and moved on. Moses, Jesus Christ, Daniel, Paul etc demonstrated calm and moved forward in crises. To live beyond frustrations, we must go closer to God and pray continually to enable us receive insights and creative ways to develop our potentials. God in Psalm 34; 19 assured that “Many are the affiliations of the righteous, but the Lord will deliver you out of then all”.

To live beyond frustration, is to not give up to the challenges of the present time. The book “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do” is a book written by Dr. Robert Schuler; an American Pastor, Author and Speaker. The book was written when there was serious economic depression in America. The book gave hope and vision to Americans, that those who remained persistent in their chosen field in spite of difficulties succeeded.

Yes, the economic recession in the world is growing at an alarming rate, however our not given up would lead us to achieving greater accomplishments. Depression is written all over the place, however we should pray, persevere, never give up and keep moving forward with whatever our hands find doing.

To live beyond frustration, means we should display positive mind set and continue to strive with whatever positive thing our hands have find doing to improve our life and personality as to impact society.

The period we have found ourselves is the period of re-inventing; geared towards bringing out the best in us which comes from God who blessed us with various gifts and potentials waiting for our working on their manifestation; which when accomplished glorifies our God.

This is a period to think deep about one’s potentials and talents deposited in us. This is the time to put into use our gifts and potentials as to manifest the greatness in us. In this period, we should put our ultimate faith in God, pray to Him to change things for the better. Looking up to God will energize our spirit being to manifest fruits that would keep us a right with God and in so doing we receive insights and ideas on what to do as to change our story for the better.

My humble self, James Okere has within this period improved my reading capacity to drive myself towards my life goals via new line of positive thought including developing the passion leading to my being in a position to write and discuss on issues of inspiration, mentorship, leadership and self developing values. The inspirational website,   which I develop and blog in is as a result of my resolution not to give up. Today, following the discovery of importance of reading, I now advocate strongly on the need for people to read including promoting “Donate a Book Project”. As to further move forward, since January this year, I have maintained regular columns; titled: “Inspirational Values”. In addition, I have established an online “Inspire Foundation (IF) Leadership and Mentorship Academy”; which is geared towards inculcating right values in our youths. The above would not have been possible if I did not believe in myself and at the same time change my thinking and looked beyond my frustration.


The story of a roommate of Dr. Myles Munroe when they were in college illustrated how his room mate lived beyond challenges. The name of this his roommate is Steve. When Steve was completing his college programme, he ran out of money, he tinkered on what to do. Steve then borrowed a friend’s lawn mower and began to mow people’s lawns to earn some money to continue his education. The story continued that after Steve graduation he was making more than $100,000 a year from his lawn mowing company he established out of adversity. We should keep moving forward no matter the situation; this requires strong will power, faith in God, perseverance etc.

Finally, to live beyond frustration, We should reflect on issues challenging us and endavour to pray as to generate ideas and energy towards tackling them. Your idea to introduce a particular social reform could be started. Your idea to start writing a book or writing an article or news talk or blogging on a particular issue should be pursued, as you never can tell where your next breakthrough comes from. Your idea to join with one or two or more friends to start a new line of business should not be delayed further, but to start no matter how small. Recall that the Holy Bible reminded us in the book of Job that we should not discard the days of little beginning.