Joyce Meyer, Author, Bible Teacher, Preacher and Conference Speaker; defined consistency as keep doing the right thing over and over a period of time. Success requires planned action. It requires discipline to a course of action. An action is a programme earmarked to be achieved. No action is achieved without work done. For an action to become successful, one should begin or start an activity. It is not a wishful thing.

Consistency embraces perseverance, determination, remaining focus and demonstrating courage. Successes recorded by many achievers came as a result of remaining consistent in a particular line of activity. With consistency one finds it difficult to quit, rather one demonstrates staying power until he achieves.

People who remain consistent are dreaming towards their goals, they are excited and do not build obstacle on their way towards life accomplishments.  They strongly believe the words of Richard Nixon (past U.S.A president): “A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits)’’.

Perhaps, you have identified a programme, a skill or you have a line of activity which you are currently developing, but within you; success is still far, let me state that you are the only person that would stop your ambition in life. I (James Okere) have a burning desire to Promote Reading Culture in the society. Through our organization-Inspire Foundation (IF) I have been championing DONATE A BOOK PROJECT, but as at now (August 2016) we have not recorded remarkable success, but I know that what we require is continuous focus with the idea. As long as we remain consistent coupled with creativity in the Donate Book Project, one day our goal of improving reading culture in the society would be realized.

Who could believe that WALT DISNEY- A man rejected by 301 Banks when he sorts for their help remained consistent until he became a celebrated personality.

“All really big discoveries are the results of thought. A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with- a man is what he makes of himself”. Alexander Graham Bell – inventor of the Telephone. In line with the above, when a positive idea is developed or being championed we should develop staying power as to achieve our primary goal(s).

Walt Disney rejected by 301 Banks, could remain resilient to approach another Bank bringing the total number of Banks he approached to 302. The 302nd Bank bought into his dream project of establishing what is today called Walt Disney Land. The Walt Disney Land is situated in Orlando Florida, United States of America.

Disney, an ardent believer in the word of Anderson M. Baten that “Weak men wait for opportunity, strong men make them”, Walt Disney Land today is a great entertainment place attracting people from all works of live. Perseverance and hard work brought him to this great accomplishment as he held forth his dream project.

As a man who was well schooled in the thought of Napoleon Hill that “Whatever  the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”, Walt Disney Land comprises Schools, University, Banks, Airfield, Housing Estate, Television and Radio Stations. Other sections of the Walt Disney Park are Hollywood and Film Production.

The idea of this man, who later invited his brother to join has blossomed greatly that millions all over the world visit the place regularly for leisure and entertainment. The farthest distance in between Disney Land is about 100 kilometer; a clear product of consistency of purpose.

Disney who persevered greatly utilized well the opportunity that came to him through the 302nd bank. The opportunity turned in window of success as he kept his dream alive. Though, Disney died in 1966, what he conceptualized and worked to actualized stand till date. Walt Disney shares are traded today in the United States of America stock exchange market.

We can keep our dreams working. Even in difficult situation, we must persevere and believe in the saying of Albert Einstein- a renowned German Professor of Physics who said that “In the middle of difficulty lie opportunities”. This is what consistency does in the life of an  individual who would go the extra- mile.