James Okere


The celebrated people today have one thing in common. They are those who have identified a dream or vision and worked hard in spite of challenges to make a difference on this planet. The difference they made is in line with one’s identified destiny fulfillment connected with God’s purpose of life. Therefore, our vision is complementary to our destiny or life purpose.


Accomplishments today are product of vision. These visions are powered through the inner desire of the vision bearer. In the course of powering a vision, ideas are further developed or multiplied to enable the vision bearer accomplish destiny for self and societal development. In addition, vision bearers work with strategic partners or teams in a bid to realize the vision being championed. This strategic relationship makes it possible for partnership to be built around any identified vision.


When a vision has been identified, it would be powered or put into action; without action, a vision becomes a mere dream. Preston Vander ven (an online marketing expert) says “A dream with no action is just a wish”. In powering a vision, one should become creative and demonstrate commitment towards his dream project. In addition, one must develop courage and persistence, and be proactive. Courage and perseverance will give one the energy for sustainability.

To develop a vision or dream, one must write it down so that it becomes a goal with clear purpose. Bill Newman; a distinguished Austrian speaker, author and writer said “Without setting goals your visions and dreams are just wishful thinking”. These dreams developed are meant to be powered through action or work. In addition, for the vision to be active the dream bearer will remain persistent, work hard and developed staying power required in making such dream become a reality.

Martin Jr. Luther King lived on this planet for 39 years. Within this period of his existence, he championed a vision for the betterment of mankind. The time he was born was when there were segregation and chains of discrimination in the United States of America. He was disturbed by the discrimination suffered by blacks, he then took the cause to champion the end through his group he formed “Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and civil rights movement to end racial segregation in America. Through his efforts, he saw to the signing of civil rights bill in 1964 and voting rights Act in 1965 which gave leverage to blacks and subsequently banned discrimination in public accommodation, employment and labour unions. With the vision he developed, he built great many persons around his vision to fight against discrimination and ills in the society. Martin Luther king is still being made a reference point till date; this became posible because he became a vision bearer for the world to become a better place for mankind.

Eugene Lang developed a vision, hence he started a foundation called “I have a Dream”. Eugene Lang was an American and a successful entrepreneur. He was also Success Magazine “Successful Man’ of the Year in 1986. He is a strong believer that encouragement brings the best in man.

Lang used the foundation- “I have a Dream”, he started to inspire hope amongst the citizens by going into class rooms to speak to Americans to inculcate positive values. Because of the tremendous impact of his programme via his vision, other American entrepreneurs copied his model. His idea further inspired the United States Congress that introduced same for a nationwide education programme called “GEAR UP”, which stated in 1998 to inspire American students to think what to become in future.

In demonstrating his dream project, Eugene Lang applied the principle of staying power; which sustained him tremendously. Imagine he left his idea when he faced initial challenges occasioned by people’s own thinking. The result today would have been that history would not have recorded a positive place for him in United States of America; this is a demonstration of the power of vision.

Visions bearers are strong willed, determined, have staying power and imbued with persevering spirit working towards making positive contributions in the society.