Ezinihitte Mbaise APC Insists On No Crisis In LGA


..Accuses Ezechukwu, Ex-SOLAD, Ojukwu of Fermenting Trouble

I have the mandate of the entire leadership of APC Ezinihitte to issue this statement.

The attention of the leadership of APC in  Ezinihitte Local Government Area has been drawn to a publication in the IMO TRUMPETA NEWSPAPER of 1st February 2024 titled “Stakeholders tackle Ezinihitte Mbaise APC Chairman over Suspension of former SOLAD”. We hereby urge the public to disregard the publication for being mischievous, unfounded and false.

There is no structure or organ of APC kr.cvn as Stakeholders of Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area. Stakeholders of Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area otherwise called Ezinihitte Stakeholders forum is headed by Barrister L. M. Alozie, SAN who happens to be the APEX Leader of APC in Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area.

The Secretary of Ezinihitte Stakeholders forum is Prince Dyke Anyanwu of Ihitte based in Austria as the membership is made up of prominent sons and daughters of Ezinihitte resident in Nigeria and Diaspora

The said Stakeholders of Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area have held no meeting whatsoever in this year, 2024. There is no structure or organ of APC known as stakeholders of Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area in Imo State.

Mr. Ezechukwu Ogbonna is not ever a member of the body known as Ezinihitte Stakeholders forum. The problem of Ezechukwu Ogbonna is that he is highly indiscipline and is fighting tooth and nail to destroy the APC in Ezinihitte. He is one of those who connived with the now suspended SOLAD of Ezinihitte. Mr. Chukwuma Ojukwu to create illegal- parallel structures  Ezinihitte in order to create confusion which led to the suspension of Mr. Ojukwu amongst other reasons.

Mr. Ezechukwu Ogbonna is known to be one of those who pick the crumbs from the table of the former SOLAD and he is writing rubbish to discredit the party. Mr. Ogbonna was a member of LP up to the time of the Presidential, National and State House of Assembly Election of February/March 2023.

He has continued to work hard to undermine our party in Ezinihitte. He lacks the capacity to speak for members of APC in Ezinihitte and the entire contents of his interview which was published in the Imo Trumpeta Newspaper referred to above are entirely false. It is common knowledge within APC family in Ezinihitte that Mr. Ogbonna is a compromised mole who keeps joining and decamping from one party to the oilier. Ezechukwu Ogbonna is an interloper, a chartered political contractor and jobber who cannot be taken serious, because of his indecent behavior the party gave him letter of warning last month

Towards the election, though Mr, Ogbonna has been settled with the appointment as Special Adviser (SA) to the Governor of Imo State, he worked very hard to ensure that our party failed the election.  His principal Mr. Ojukwu also sabotaged the party during the said ELECTION in several ways. It is worrisome that they have continued to give the impression that there is crisis in Ezinihitte APC.

We hereby make it categorically clear that there is no crisis in APC Ezinihitte. The ranting of Mr. Ogbonna should be taken as his personal opinion which is not true.

We hereby state that the suspension of Ojukwu was not the making of the Chairman of the party in Ezinihitte, Hon. Mark Adindu who is a very committed, hard working and humble leader  loved by his people.

The decision by the party to suspend Mr Ojukwu by leaders of the party after issuing, him query and giving him fair  hearing in  that he appeared before a disciplinary committee and admitted the charge levied against him.

There has been no meeting of Ezinihitte APC since after ratifying the recommendation of disciplinary panel which recommended the suspension of the former SOLAD.

Mr. Ogbonna should be seen as speaking for himself and not Ezinihitte APC. We don’t understand what Mr Ogbonna called election logistics let alone having issues in connection therewith. That allegation of quarrel over election logistics is false and was planted Mr Ogbonna  as part of his efforts to discredit our party.

Finally, we hereby state that Mr. Ogbonna has only been compromised as he is known to be looking for empowerment via stomach infrastructure. He wants to create the impression that he is fighting for Mr. Ojukwu whom he is milking dry.

We urge members of the public to disregard the publication. We also state that there is no organ of the party know as APC statutory leadership neither is it true that the Governor directed that: such a meeting be called by the SOLAD,

By the constitution of APC, no meeting can be called without the approval of the party Chairman at the level concerned.