First Rain Fall: Flood Ravages Owerri City


. World Bank Estate, Works Layout, Egbu Residents Raise Alarm  

.Appeal For Govt Early Intervention Now

By Okey Alozie

Even as the rainy season is yet to start fully, some residents at World Bank Estate, Owerri and Works layout and other towns in Imo State have been sacked by flood which was orchestrated by a heavy rainfall that happened few days ago.

The level of flood flowing into these areas mentioned are highly heavy and needs to be controlled early.

Many vehicles were trapped especially along road 19, road 20 and road 22 of Imo Housing Estate and Federal Housing Estate Umuguma New Owerri, Imo State.

A call has been made to Imolites asking them to stop blocking the water ways. Experts have insisted that all obstacles must be removed to avoid flooding of residential areas this Raining Season.

A victim from World Bank Estate,  Surv. Bon Erege told our reporter that people living inside the Estate discard their rubbish inside the gutter instead of putting them inside the dustbin.

He stressed that people have converted the green verge areas to something else. According to him, the entire master plan of Owerri  has been destroyed.

He observed with dismay that OCDA and other agencies that regulate environmental activities are not functioning well. He therefore called for the immediate clearing of all bushes and rubbish inside the gutters.

He also called on the State Government to bring excavating machings to remove sands that are blocking the big Drainages at World Bank Estate, Site and Service including Imo Housing Umuguma.

He further called on the Local and State Governments to assist the vulnerable communities to work towards preventing the impending flood problems.