Nigeria: Drifting to One Party System?
For quite some time now Nigerians have been inundated with the stories of defections by politicians who stole from one party to the other
Though it is part of the beauty of democracy, it is expected that our politicians should go about it in such a civil manner so as not to heat up the polity.
They should equally shelve all selfish and clannish sentiments so as to ensure that the underlining factor and reason for such actions will not be misconstrued.
Currently, we have no fever than ten strong registered political parties today in the country, namely; Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP), Democratic Peoples Party (DPP), All Progressives Congress (APC).
Others include, African Democratic Congress ADC, All Progressive Grand Alliance APGA, Citizens Popular Party CPP, African Democratic Congress ADC, African Peoples Alliance APA, United Progressive Party UPP, among others.
However, what appears to be happening in the current development is a situation where either members of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are either defecting to All Progressive Congress (APC) and vice versa.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in the situation where people abandon one party to the other where they feel that their interest will be best protected at the end of the day.
Looking at this critically also, one feels that it is letter for people to defect from their parties to another rather than pretend to be in the party while sabotaging it in real terms.
But the only signal this massive political movement portray is that Nigeria is gradually drifting from its current multi party system to a two party system.
While this may even be better and more economical to the country, it may perhaps be proper and germane for us to adopt as a matter of policy a two party system in the country.
Otherwise, a situation where a registered political party cannot boast of even an elected Councilor, Local Government Chairman, House of Assembly or National Assembly member is enough showing and indication of the total rejection of such a party.
Therefore, it amount to waste of resources for both the country and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be funding such “brief case” parties at the detriment of the economy.
One thinks that since some of these so-called political parties do not exist anywhere except in the brief cases of their (owners) executives who see the registration and congregation into political associations as a money yielding association for bargains, that they should be disbanded in the interest of all.
It is therefore important for Nigerians to reconsider the need to adopt a two party system as a policy for the country as it will also not only conserve funds for the country , but will at the same time checkmate the excesses of some politicians who see the loophole as a money spinning avenue.

Okigwe Zone: Need To Screen Aspirants
Democracy is a system of government that gives the citizens the right to opt for their leaders. The people have the final say on who become their leaders. Political aspirants cannot impose themselves on the people. The masses make their selection, without minding whose OX is Goard. Political inducement by aspirants cannot be considered, because credibility is what matters to the people. However this Scenario played out in 2011, when the people of Imo State came out en-mass, without minding the cost to say ‘No’ to unpatriotic leadership. A study on some political aspirants who were elected in various political positions in 2011 general elections, especially in Imo State, would convince any reasonable being that if not the stringent efforts of the people of Imo State in kicking against malpractice in election, such lucky aspirants would not have neared the seat of power.
Okgiwe Zone is one of the zones that make up Imo State. It can also be viewed as one of the pillars of the state. However, the political activities in the area is usually tough and strict.
Okigwe Zone has two Federal Constituencies; namely Okigwe North and South. It is important to state that searchlight is beamed on credibility, sentiments cannot be considered. Governor Rochas Okorocha Is a product of the scenario I just painted.
It is very despicable for anyone to sacrifice performing leadership on the platform of sentimental zoning. I have taken time to study the Okigwe Zone Senatorial aspirants and I discovered that none of the aspirants can beat his chest of empowering the people. But the issue is that, what did each and everyone of these aspirants do for their constituents. Some of them cannot give an accurate account of how the managed the projects that were entrusted into their care when they were in leadership position. However what some of these aspirants need to do is to cover their faces in shame. I wish to state without equivocation that it must not be the same people that would always represent Okigwe Zone in governance. If an aspirant at a point in his life time found himself in governance, he should give way for those who have not had the opportunity. We must get it right this time. People who have nothing to offer must be rejected and stopped. Some of them feel that they are qualified by mere sel acclaimed assessment. If truly Nigeria is practicing democracy which other countries are practicing then such people ought not to near governance.The people of Okigwe Zone must rise against any aspirant who feels he is qualified by his own assessment, without allowing the poor masses to assess him. Humility is the key to success in life.
Let us look beyond our selfish interest and allow credible candidate to emerge, as our senator in 2015, despite the party he belongs. I wish to state categorically that gone are the days when money and other things connected therein speak. I know that the people of Okigwe Zone are wise and educated enough to ascertain what is good for them. All the Okigwe Senatorial aspirants must be subjected to thorough scrutiny.
We cannot allow mistake to repeat itself. Any of them who feels he cannot humble himself is not worthy to represent us. As a journalist and social commentator from Okigwe Zone I have and still investigating these senatorial aspirants to know who they really are. However, the findings I have made so far is nothing to write home about, because If I do not alert my brothers in Okigwe Zone, they might elect the wrong person as their senator in 2015. There are qualities of leadership and if an aspirant dose not posses such, then he should not be in governance. However, humility is one of such qualities. My advice to my brothers in Okigwe Zone is to shine their eyes and watch with diligence all the senatorial aspirants;
Someone who cannot look into the eyes of the poor masses and know their predicaments should be rejected.