PDP And Insurgence Of Followers In Imo
Saturday the 22nd of February 2014 will always remain ever green and memorable in the annals of Imo State polity.
This is because it heralded the ever first visit of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to the state during his four and half years as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
For those who are weak like myself mathematically, it is on record that president Goodluck Jonathan after completing the remaining two years after the death of president Musa Ya’adua, has spent another three years in office as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
However, the visit will be remembered as a day of re-union for the Peoples Democratic Party members in Imo state with all the old wore horse and foes coming back together like in wedlock to say I- do, I- do.
To say that the crowd which heralded the presidential visit and in deed the ceremony is unprecedented is to say the least. Therefore we would think that it should be described as super unprecedented.
But while the majority of Imolites are rejoicing and boasting that the action is a signal to the fact that the Peoples Democratic Party is set to reclaim Imo State in 2015, it is important to tell the stakeholders and leadership of the party that it is not yet Uhuru.
Granted the fact that they say that the more the merrier in politics, it is also good to appreciate the fact that the more here in politics should be ascribed to the real stakeholders who are absolutely committed to the existence and survival of the party.
This merrier in number should not be ascribed to political office seekers most of who are so selfish that anything outside their ambitions is an aberration.
That is why we think that Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party should go back to its laboratory to experiment that which is workable in 2015 otherwise, the histories of 2011 will repeat itself in the state.
With the exception of about thirty percent of the new entrants into the party, the rest seventy percent of who is who in Imo polity are already coming back with an ambition hanging on their neck.
We think that it is not a healthy development by all standards. Moreover, people should come to terms with the understanding that the days of recycling individuals are over. The worrisome aspect of this quest is the belief by some of these people that political office is their birth right or rather put their entitlement.
Our people should be magnanimous enough to know that “Mmanu akara di uto, onye ratu ibeya aratu”. This axiom is a popular Igbo saying which simply caps it all.
While we congratulate Imo PDP for that good outing over the weekend, we wish to also advice the party to trade with caution ahead of 2015. For those who wish to know, what will determine who wins elections in 2015 is the individual candidates fielded and not the political party.
It is believed that both the aspirants and political parties in the state should have this at the back of their mind as they choose the party to fly their ticket and candidates to field.