2015 And The Challenges Ahead
As we draw closer to the year 2015 minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, and month after month towards the next election year, one thing which has always strucked my mind is how shall and will that year be.
Not that there is much naturally that would happen different from the other years, but one thing which should ignite and radiate in our psyche is the fact that election years from available records has always posed a lot of threat to our individual and collective survival both as a state and a nation.
Down here in Imo state, ominous signs that the year in question would play up a lot of uncertainties are already showing with our so called political gladiators in their maverick movements.
Part of this is traceable to the number of people / aspirants who have through their body languages indicated interest to run for the various political offices that are available for contest in 2015.
Such offices include the Chief Executive of the state otherwise known as the Governor. As at the last count, no fewer than twenty five Governorship hopefuls have indicated interest to contest for the singular position as Governor of Imo State.
Leading the pack in this quest is the Peoples Democratic Party PDP which already has fifteen as at the last count with some others still in their political laboratory.
They include, Barr Bethel Nzimako, Chief Chris Brown, Prof Jude Njoku, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, Chief Chuka Odom, Barr Bethel Amadi, Senator Bright Nwanne, Chief Oguguo, Senator Mrs Chris Anyanwu, Barrister Humphrey Anumudu, Chief Jerry Chukwueke, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, Chief Ike C. Ibe, Barrister Ken Njemanze, Chief Emma Ojinere among others.
Looking at these names ordinarily, any right thinking Imolite should be frightened to an extent considering the fact that all these men are men of means and wealth in their own rights.
Again, all the names aforementioned apart from being known names, also parade very strong support and followership among the people and across the three geo-political zones of the state. So, where the headache automatically will arise is in the choice considering the fact that the party at the end of the day will field only one out of the lot as its candidate.
There may be primaries after all, but how rancour free will that be the next question for the party to answer. And in event where it is not, who determines who flies the ticket of the party? What yardstick will the party use in arriving at the right and acceptable candidate for the masses?
Will it be based on the quantum of naira in ones bank account? Will it be based on the number of big men one knows in Abuja? Will it be based on philanthropy or humility? Or what?
These questions we think are germane and a guide for both the PDP, other parties and indeed Imolites as they narrow their minds towards who should be where and what in 2015.
The mistakes of the past should be avoided where one self acclaimed leader will impose somebody against the wishes of the masses. At least let us for once show and demonstrate that power belongs to the people.

In The Realm Of Forgiveness
I am employing this medium because I am very sceptical to reaching you in person or any possible known address lest any such attempts be misconstrued in the face of the prevailing conditions of insecurity in the Country and based on our poor past relationship. I am very grateful to God for granting me this opportunity to come back to you after over two very long decades. I trust that you will take this message very seriously and in good fate.
At the point of my re-entering this plane from a visit to the yonder, God commanded me to forgive those who offend me, perhaps as a condition for my return. You hated me without cause and inflicted the highest degree of injustices on me without reasons. You know the role you played in that programme. You thus became my greatest enemy on earth and I swore not to forgive you.
I am very happy to inform you now that I have forgiven you most unconditionally as I cannot disobey divine directives. It is now between you and God not me. Some others involved in that programme of injustice are not so lucky to benefit from this gesture. You know them. I thank God most highly that I and my family members you visited with such grave injustices as you did and for so long are all alive and well. “No condition is permanent”, they say!
Perhaps someday and sometime in the future the truth behind the story will be relayed to the world. It will not aim to libel you or defame your character or that of anyone else at all. The ultimate thrust will be to extol the glory and greatness of God and to prov0 to the whole world that GOD IS IN CONTROL at all times.
I trust this divine message will reach you through this medium. I trust too that there may be some people who will be well disposed towards bringing this fraternal message to your kindest attention. Believe me – “with all its shams, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world”.
God bless you. Warmest greetings and highest regards from all of us!

Ubah Osigwe, 0803 794 8882