The Need To Sanitise The Polity


As we count down towards the 2015 general election in the country, one thing which appears to be clear is the fact that people and indeed it is Nigerians who will succeed their fellow Nigerians at the end of the day.
Regardless of the drums of war by politicians, the end point of all the whole drama is the conspiracy by the various political parties and politicians to outsmart each other to win the crown.
Just like in Imo state, a lot of the citizenry has in the various registered political parties indicated interest to run for one office or the other which is normal.
But where we strongly believe that both the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the National Orientation Agency (NOA) has much work to do is in Civic education of both the politicians, the political parties and the masses.
And part of this sensitization or call it voter education is to bring to the front burner the simple fact that it is very important for the voters to realize the importance of their votes.
Unfortunately, Nigerians have always falling this victim of given their mandates to people who cannot and never be trusted with public funds and affairs.
Regrettably, the simple reason for this continued disorderliness is because of lack of proper voter education right from the primary days to the election proper.
It is important for all the aforementioned organizations to mount various public awareness to the supposed party delegates so as to make them appreciate that the choice of candidates to fly the various flags of the various political parties as their candidates is a sacred and all important national duty that ought not to be compromised.
The reason for this is because, the bane of producing wrong President, Governors, Senators and what have you has always been the consequences of presenting wrong candidates by the few privileged through the primary elections.
Delegates of the various political parties should be made to appreciate the fact that the role of choosing a candidate for any particular position is so sacred that it should not be hinged on financial inducement.
Granted the fact that money definitely will exchange hands, but the delegates should be made to understand that the various positions are not for sale to the highest bidder.
And part of the ways to sensitize the delegates is by appealing through the various sensitization programmes to their consciences so that they will come to terms with the need to think of the consequences of this all important role in our national development.
Before they emerge, the masses also should ensure that those who will have their mandate as delegates to nominate candidates are self opionated people with great sence of character and credibility so as to avoid the situation where people’s interests are propelled by personal and selfish aggrandizement.
We cannot afford to be repeating the mistakes of yesterday year in year out without learning from our past mistakes. INEC should rise up to the challenge and the time is now that all the various parties are preparing for their primaries. A stitch in time saves nine.

True party man, Anumudu’s Example
Dear Editor, I wish to use this your widely accepted and read newspaper to advice political parties ahead of 2015 election on the need to make due with real and true party men to avoid protest votes.
First, who is a real and true party man? A true and real party man is that party faithful, who has stood firm and rooted to the party, swimming through turbulent waters, whether in power or opposition, with the party.
A true party man remains with the party even at an obvious injustice or unfair treatment. He believe and abide by the party’s constitution, policies written or oral.
He/she supports the party financially, morally and otherwise irrespective of personal feelings like it is said “Leadership is not money but loyalty” he never considers defection irrespective of political ambition.
However, who comes into a party new throws money around, can not be considered as a true party man because, he/she is only showing off his affluence in order to achieve his selfish political ambition. Also he that abandon’s his party over small disagreement or party resolution because of his own interest to join another to fight the party that brought he/she into political limelight can not be taken to be a true party man in both the old and new party, Okorocha should be a reference point.
In Imo, an example of a true party can be seen in a man who won the first guber primary of a particular party but was asked by the party to step down for reasons best understood by the party for the peace and unity of the state not minding the huge money spent by the said aspirant, without any refund. Yet the man can not question the party or drag them to court, unlike what is obtained now in Nigeria.
Instead he kept his loyalty and support for the party in all ramifications.
Editor you will agree with me that Chief Humphrey Anumudu is a number one party man in Peoples Democratic Party and Nigeria in general.

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