The Burden Before the New Imo APGA Leadership
Penultimate week ago the National Leadership of the ALL Progressive Grand Alliance APGA lead by Chief Victor Umeh announced the dissolution of the Imo State interim state executive of the party.
Prior to this announcement, the All Progressive Grand Alliance in the state had no peace following many man made reasons and the quest for power and control of the soul of the party in the state.
From the time the former Deputy Governor of the state Sir Jude Agbaso was impeached to the time the party’s Governor of the state Owelle Rochas Okorocha left the party for the All Progressive Congress APC, APGA in the state suffered credibility problems amongst the Imo electorates.
The matter was further heightened when some big wigs in the state like Captain Emmanuel Iheanacho joined the party as one of its Governorship aspirants. This implosion apparently threatened the already battered party as some old members of the party saw the new entrants as Aids carries who should be properly diagnosed to ascertain whether they have been properly cured or whether they have come to infect others.
All these entreaties promoted rivalry within the party leadership and fellowship who rather than unite to fight the opposing parties, dissipated their energy and armoury in infighting.
Sensing the danger and negative consequences of the situation more especially now that the 2015 general elections are around the corner, the Chief Victor Umeh lead National executive council of the party announced the dissolution of the interim state executive of the party in Imo state.
This of course was expected as it is the only option for the party should it wants to go into the forthcoming elections in the state strong. Atleast this action has dosed the alleged and suspected Governorship of the Imo State APGA leadership by few individuals.
Ofcourse, this action of the National Leadership of APGA should not be as victory for any of the groups as it is widely seen as a way of strengthening and repositioning the party ahead of 2015.
Having taking this bitter pill by the leadership of the party, it is expected and indeed incumbent on the Barrister Eze Obi’s state executive of APGA to consolidate on this gain to entrench the party on Imo people once again.
Part of the task before the new executive include planning and conducting the party’s primaries for the 2015 general election as a taskforce created the redeem the party from its battered position.
Againd the Barrister Eze Obi’s leadership is expected to be unbiased in his dealings and relationship with the various aspirants as his interest should be victory for the party in all its outings in the forthcoming elections in Imo State.
This new position of the party or rather put “this new APGA” in the Imo State can now be said to be a free party devoid of ownership by any leader or aspirant as was perceived in the past.
To the new leadership in Imo State, this is a burden as well as a challenge before it and its ability to selflessly carryout this assignment religiously devoid of any external influence will determine the success and survival of APGA in the 2015 general elections in Imo State.
Democracy And The People
Democracy in is believed to be the Government of the people by the people and for the people, but in Nigeria nay IMO Stat Democracy is the government of the elected ones for their families and relatives ,nobody enjoys the dividends of democracy in state .
After the election, those in various positions have turned to parochial that they have nothing to offer to helpless rural women and youth who had toiled to help them win various posts.
Two thousand and fifteen {2015} is fast approaching. We have started seeing billboards again where they are stating their missions and targets towards the incoming election. They have resumed going to the villages and towns making promises as usual good roads for all, water supply, stable electricity, free education what a deceit! After the rain comes the sunshine” after the election as usual they will forgot the people who voted them in because of their selfish desires which becomes their most priority.
Having won the election the politician’s designs a program which only favours a particular group of people which could be either their family members, relatives and in-laws and forgetting those who labored for them. They forgot also that vote or those people they are favoring could not have earned them victory. The question is what is the intention of these POLITCIANS who give these empty and unfulfilled promises?
When will they be faithful? Let embrace Free and Fair election come 2015 and say no sentiment and favoritism, Let Vote in the capable and vibrant ones that have fear of God so that our country Nigeria will enjoy peace, unity and harmony which is the key to every successful country
Let peace Reign! wickedness that lead to death, if our Leaders both local, states, and federal level know the importance of peace, all these challenges that has become the order of the day would not have been so severe as it now, our councilors. Local Govt. chairmen, House representatives both state and federal, governors and president who will never be satisfied because of their selfish and wicked desires and interest which should think twice.
Let’s give ticket to the capable and born leaders and shun rigging and buying of votes because it sin
Let’s give others chance and not allow the potential of our youth to fade like a rose flower because it is not about credentials is about potential.

By Ogbenna Martha C