Need for Politicians to Tread with Caution


As we count down to the various primaries of the existing political parties in our march towards the 2015 general elections, it has become very important to advice the leadership of the parties and aspirants to tread with caution in the interest of democracy.
This notice is coming at the heels of the congresses of the political parties which has left sour taste in the lips of many party faithful. Reason being the rumoured highjack of the delegates and the consequent interference by aspirants at various points with the delegate list.
The ugly situation apparently has left bad feelings among the key players and their followers. And more especially those who were shortchanged in the entire power tussle.
While the dust is about settling down, there is another dimension to it by another group who could better described as “Juvenile”.
Quite unfortunately if you zero your attention to Facebook, you will only but leave or better put, log out in total anger and disappointment. The reason being the type of dirty media war ravaging the social media.
And unfortunately, those who are arraigning abuses on people capable of being their parents are those no do wells with their gutter grammar. Yes we describe them as Juvenile because majority of them actually are below the age of reason while the few who are above have no knowledgeable credentials to discuss the issues they chose to engage upon.
Apart from those few handicaps, majority of them do not have any card of any political party nor are they delegates as to be party to choosing who will and will not be the candidate of any party.
That is why it is baffling to see these youths who could have found better ways of spending their precious time on Facebook discussing issues three are bereft of and raining abuses on their supposed elder brothers and parents.
While we vehemently condemn this wave of indiscipline among our youths, it is imperative to also caution our politicians who arm these juveniles to abuse people in the social media. Our politicians should learn to play politics without bitterness and rancour.
Our politicians should realize that aspiration is a personal decision and therefore must not at all times succeed. So heavens should not get loose because of selfish ambitions of few greedy and insatiable characters among the people.
We should condemn in its entirety the recent wave before we are all domed by these juveniles. It is important four our youth to be engaged in more meaningful things that the social crusade which majority of them are currently engaged in.
At least the Igbo man is known for his respect for elders and institutions and the earlier the politicians re-direct these futures of tomorrow the better for the system, the society and posterity.