2014 Christmas of Sober Reflection


2014 Christmas of Sober ReflectionAround this time just like in every other year, Christians the world over are seen in very joyous and festive mood. This apparently is noticed by even the blind as both the climatic atmosphere naturally changes with the harmattan air.
It is a period when families, friends and well-wishers are engaged in exchange of gifts, visits and family purchases ranging from wears to foodstuff.
Others also use the opportunity to launch new vehicles even as many communities engage in fund raising for developmental projects.
Many families and relatives who have not visited their home countries within the year running also avail themselves of the opportunity to travel to their villages to see their kith and kin even as some young ones also use the opportunity to take or rather find life partners for themselves.
Indeed, it is a period very dear to Christians as they commemorate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ and more importantly to the Igbos who flee their places of domicile in droves to visit home.
Staying in some towns during this period is usually boring as the usual bustle life in the towns shift to the hinterlands with merriment at all corners.
But we have chosen to tag this year’s Christmas celebrations as a celebration of sober reflection because it has coincided with yet another important period in the life of Nigeria as a nation.
With what has happened in the various political parties’ primaries as we step closer to the elections proper in the next few months, is enough to become a source of worry to many Nigerians.
It will not be right to predict anarchy or otherwise for our dear country Nigeria at this moment in its history, but it will not be out of place to urge all Nigerians to create some moment out of their merriment to reflect on the country.
To guide those who may pretend that all is well, we would want them to reflect on the origin and genesis of Boko Haram insurgency in the country. We should also reflect on the character and conduct of our modern day politicians. We should also reflect on the strength of the Nigerian economy.
Again Nigerians should reflect on the future of the Nigerian youths and their hope of survival. How about the management and mismanagement of our natural resources and the greed for unquenchable acquisition of wealth?
There are a thousand and one things that we should reflect on even as we celebrate this Christmas. This has become so important that if we fail to reflect on some of these things, we may enter the year 2015 unprepared.
Let us not lose sight of the fact that the 2015 general elections in the country will to a great extent, determine the continued sovereignty of our dear country, Nigeria. And how well we handle the exercise will determine our next destination as a people.
While Trumpeta Newspaper wish all Nigerians especially our teeming readers a very pleasant Christmas celebrations and a happy new year in advance, let us all make out time to reflect and ponder a while about Nigeria as a country.