How Reckless Driving Leads to Accident


Accident means a sudden occurrence, this is commonly seen on the road, it is so because most motorists have made carelessness and reckless driving a habitual act, there are forces trained to checkmate this bad driving attitude but bribery and non interest for one’s duty have swallowed up their services.
Road Accident is hardly heard in some years back when drivers are trained, road safety force are not given the job because of what they can afford, when government see to the way motorist operate on the road.
Today most families has lost their lives because of one reckless drunkard who enters the road without knowing the laws that governors the road, who ends in killing people, destroying properties and sending some to forever remain crippled. Avoidance to alcoholics, smoking of Indian hemp and reckless driving while on duty can go a long way in putting a stop to this common attitude. The rate at which monist operate should be check, to know those who are qualified to drive.
Collecting of presents and money to let go this bad driving attitudes should be deep checked to avoid sending people to their early grave and continuous reoccurrence of road accidents.

By Iwuji Uchechi
Imo State