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Palpable tension and anxiety has gripped residents of New Owerri of the state capital as crisis looms over anticipated brickbats between youths of the area.

The crisis is not unconnected to the alleged destruction of billboards belonging to a youth organization in the state capital.

The New Owerri Youth Organization, (NOYO) has condemned the attacks on association’s billboards by some suspected disgruntled PDP youths.

President of  the (NOYO), Prince Ozuzu John Kennedy Moller has condemned the attack on the association’s billboards that is showcasing the 13th edition of the new Owerri Unity Cup competition currently on going that been sponsored by Barrister Hon. Obinna Ugochiyere Mbata  who is the APC candidate for Owerri Federal constituency in the forth coming general election.

The NOYO has it on good authority that  Youths believed to be from the PDP angle in the federal constituency after their poorly attended rally at the popular Uwamgbede spot out of frustration that Owerri people have rejected them and their candidates allegedly decided to unleash mayhem on the billboards advertising the ongoing football tournament that is been sponsored by Barrister Hon Obinna Ugochiyere Mbata who have already endeared himself to the good people of his federal constituency by his good works , youth empowerment and his peaceful disposition.

The youth president, Prince Ozuzu John Kennedy Moller therefore advises the youths of new Owerri and entire youths of Owerri Federal constituency to remain law abiding even in the face of these intimidations, urging them to keep supporting Barr Hon Obinna Ugochiyere Mbata who will by the grace of God Almighty will make their voice heard in the green chambers of the National assembly come next year.

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