ADP Guber Candidate, Bar Obioma Success Akagburuonye Speaks, ‘My Policies as the Governor of Imo State’ 

1). My government shall be a government Close to the people. It shall be a government which shall without reservation, uphold the rule of law. As a lawyer, I shall ensure the sanctity of our legal system, ensure the enforcement of Court decisions and act only withing the provisions of the law. The legislature shall be independent and I shall as the Governor of Imo State, not interfere in the activities of the legislature. Under my watch, the financial independence of both the legislature and the judicial arms shall be effectively implemented.
2). As the Governor of our dear State, I shall ensure the continuity of all good policies of my predicessors. The often engaged habits of uprooting the legacies of the preceding government shall not be part of my government policy. Rather my government shall identify and refine ideas and programs of previous governments to ensure more and better democracy dividends to the good people of Imo State. In this wise, I shall seek to immediately do the following upon assumption of office:
A) Imo Education Policy.
I shall personally oversee the review of the current good idea of “free education” by the present government to identify sources of funding and areas of lapses. This review shall culminate into Imo State Education Act by the IMHA. The Act shall aim to institutionalise the “free education” policy so that it becomes a “right” for every Imo indigen and not dependent on who governs.
B) Urban & Township Development
To refine the current efforts of the present government in urban and township development, my government shall submit an Executive bill to the House of Assembly to enact the Imo State Township Development Act. This Act shall replicate the purpose and activities of the Owerri Capital Development Authority(OCDA) in identified divisions in the State such Mbaise, Akokwa, Mbaitoli, Obowo, Mbano, Ngor Okpala,  Ikeduru etc.
My government shall undertake actions that will make Imo the destination of choice for investors. I shall immediately after assumption of office, submit a bill to the IMHA for the enactment of Imo State investment Act. This Act shall create six industrial zones in the State. My government shall build a modern and well equipped industrial Park in each of the six zones. Each industrial Park shall be equipped with its own source of energy, water and other infrastructure. Each industrial Park shall be build according to the factory design of an investor who must have entered into an investment agreement backed by a “Mareva Clause” with the State. Aside from building the park, the State shall also offer to the investors percentages in tax waivers to ensure gainful employment of our youths.
Development of Port City.
My government will seek and enter into partnership with investors willing to turn Oguta to a modern Port City with deep water Port. This will be a key priority of my government and we shall aim to have this Port City completed within my first three years in office
Under my watch as the Governor, our agriculture policy shall be to concentrate more on what our people are good at producing while finding ways to expand into new areas of agricultural enterprise and wealth. This means that my government shall seek for and aid farmers to engage more in farming and processing such crops like cassava which is in fact a magic crop. I shall within the first two years of my Governorship, break the once famouse Avutu poultry into three distinct industries viz: (1) Feed mill (2) Processing (3) Poultry. Considering the failed efforts of previous governments to revive the once Avutu poultry, I shall take this route because of the huge cost attempting to revive the establishment as a whole entails.
I recognise the efforts of previous and present governments at market developments. However the current confusion regarding market development cannot be wished away. I am a witness to the hardship the current efforts at market developments have caused traders as well as consumers in the State. My government shall work with the market unions to identify the traders affected negatively by the decisions and actions of government and offer compensations to them as a way of revitilizing the economy of the state. As the Governor, I shall ensure the building of a modern market at the site of the Eke ukwu Owerri while at the same time ensuring the completion of the Imo modern market at Ubonmiri.
Salaries and Pension
Salaries and Pension have also witnessed confusion in recent years. As Governor I shall aim to establish a  “contributory pension scheme” for all public servants. To do this, my government shall engage with the workers through their unions on the amount of bulk payment to a pension management company by the state government to kick start the scheme. This shall ensure prompt payment of pension to our deserving senior citizens. Also the confusion as regards salaries of workers shall be promptly resolved through the unions. The era of 70℅ salary payment shall end immediately after my swearing in as the Governor of our dear state.
As Governor, I shall ensure the provision quality infrastructure in every part of the state. It is my belief that the local government is the machinery for even spread provision of quality infrastructure. My government will therefore ensure the operation of the local government as the third tier of government as enshrined in our constitution. To this end, the local governments under my watch shall have their allocations from the federation account without tampering from the State. My duty shall be to ensure that the local governments perform and that public funds are not converted to private pockets.